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Basketball Jonesin’

Originally posted on The O'B View:
Just to get you in the mood to read the rest of this post, I’ll start with a video link sure to remind you of how amazing NBA players are at acting. And by amazing, I obviously mean hilarious. OK, now on to the real part. Sports have…

I Just Wanted an Iced Coffee!

Okay, enough is enough. This whole thing has gotten way out of hand and I am sick of it. This afternoon, I pulled into a McDonald’s Drive-Thru to get an iced coffee. As I waited to order–in front of the same speaker the woman in front of me had just ordered through–I hear something that … Continue reading


Ah, it’s a wee bit o’ the Irish in America tomorrow…and everybody here is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! Actually, that is the reason me Da–Donald Joseph Michael O’Brien–did NOT participate in the wearin’ o’ the green. He said that REAL Irishmen don’t wear anything special on the day b/c all the other folks were. … Continue reading

The 2014 Grammys: Not for Grammies

Here’s why the Grammys are for kids: Beyonce opens the show with a number a la Flashdance, shaking and rubbing her famous booty, her lyrics silently bleeped within the first ten seconds. What would Pat Boone think? Man, she sure is prouda her butt. She’s joined by her hubby Jay-Z who joins her in admiring … Continue reading