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CBS’s “Scorpion” Gets it Wrong!

PA-lease. As an O’Brien, I cannot watch this new show without thinking that the casting of Elyes Gabel is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY WRONG. He plays Walter O’Brien, reportedly the 4th smartest man in the world with an IQ of 196. That’s a real guy: And although the real Walter doesn’t necessarily look Irish, he certainly … Continue reading

Gettin’ Down(ton) at the Abbey

Let me say first that I am not a regular viewer of the PBS show that seems to have stolen the hearts of so many of my friends and the country at large. I do, however, find it entertaining. But in a different way than most. The first season had come and gone when my … Continue reading

The First Day We Went Abroad…

On this day in 2012, I grabbed the bags my friends had packed for me, jumped into another friend’s car, and as we raced to the airport on that sunny winter day, wondered what the hell I was doing. I was leaving in a few hours from this photo opp–do I LOOK ready? Everything was … Continue reading

Irish in America

This past weekend, I went over to Penn’s Landing for the Annual Irish American Festival, which is a good name for a gathering that had few true Irishmen and women, but plenty of Americans–of all shapes and sizes–decked out in the old green, drinkin’ beer and clapping along to Irish music provided by American bands … Continue reading

February Funk

On my way out of London, I shot a few pics, again from a moving car, but that’s how you do it when you’re in a flurry! It seemed to me that these are typical London homes outside the city center…most are attached to each other and are modest but not small. And although Mary … Continue reading

Dublin Doors

I have been living in a rather nice area of Dublin called Rathgar and I noticed that, even when the house isn’t so great, the door is! And they’re even fancier in the city centre of Dublin; much of the architecture is left over from when the people from the country-which-shall-not-be-named (England) came over and … Continue reading

The Best Laid Plans…

As Robert Burns wrote in “To A Mouse:” the best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft a-gley. In America, somehow, it’s been changed to plans going awry, but you get the point. I taught that poem–and its companion piece, To A Louse–to my high school juniors back when I was an English teacher and … Continue reading

Beckett and Tigers and Joyce…Oh Pi!

I spent about an hour in Dublin’s Writers Museum yesterday and although it was a little boring (Ireland is very proud of their authors, especially the impossible-to-read-James Joyce), it was cool. I sat here in The Great Hall and tried to feel inspired: There are all the greats here, including Sam Beckett (Waiting for Godot); … Continue reading

11 Days and Counting…

…since I’ve been to Starbucks! That’s a record. Seriously, I usually don’t go two days without getting into my car, heading out of the driveway and going down Main Street where my Starbucks awaits. Some of the barristas even know my order: grande, decaf mocha; no whip except on special occasions, weekends and particularly bad … Continue reading

Pasquale, Raffaele and Another Amazing Andy

This IS Ireland, right? Yesterday, I attended my first New and Not So New in Dublin meetup event. I finally met, in person, the beautiful Silvia from Italy, whom I had been facebooking with from America, and the lovely Spanish Susie (self-titled): and the equally lovely Raffaele: Uh huh. This huge meetup group (which, at … Continue reading