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February Funk

On my way out of London, I shot a few pics, again from a moving car, but that’s how you do it when you’re in a flurry! It seemed to me that these are typical London homes outside the city center…most are attached to each other and are modest but not small. And although Mary … Continue reading

Now Here’re A Few Partin’ Shots…

Waiting for my order of fish and chips, of course, I offer a few shots of the city of Valencia–and if you don’t get the title reference, then you should come with me to NYC and see a Broadway Show because you are sorely lacking in your American culture, lol. As I’ve said, the city … Continue reading

Spain? Meh

Maybe it’s me, but I’m not loving Spain. The weather here in Valencia is wonderful, that is true. But the people? Not so much. They do not speak English here, which is weirder than it sounds because everyone in Europe speaks English! I never realized how lucky we are to be the native speakers of … Continue reading

The (new) Breakfast of Champions

Forget Wheaties. THIS is the first meal of the day for me here in Valencia and I thank my lucky stars for it: Yes, that’s right. Starbucks: It’s Everywhere I Am. And thank goodness because the other night I had to have eggs with bacon mixed in because I was sick and starving and no … Continue reading

Valencia Windows & Doors

Just as I was intrigued by the beautiful Doors of Dublin (see previous post), I have already walked past elaborate doors and windows here in old city Valencia! So here’s a sampling, again, sorry I don’t know how to put it in poster form! I thought this flag here was interesting… This is my idea … Continue reading

Well, I’d Never Been to Spain..

…and I haven’t heard the music, but I’ll tell you what’s awesome about opening my little door to my even littler veranda and seeing this: Yep, warm and SUNNY, just what I was looking for. All the Spaniards, though, were wearing coats, which was funny because the “others” were not…we were hot! Anyway, early this … Continue reading