Gilbert Speaks with Michael O’Brien Herold & His View of Deathly Hallows

An amazing alternate to the 7th book in the Harry Potter series! If you, like Michael, were disappointed in the last book because of ALL the reasons, you’ll love this new one! Written in JK’s style, it ends the series on a different and, I think, more satisfying note.
The first four chapters have been uploaded on — head over and take a look, then stay tuned for the FULL BOOK DROP on September 1. Harry Potter and the Dark Lord. It’s not fanfiction, it’s just fiction.



There’s a new, exciting voice on the literary scene and it belongs to Michael O’Brien Herold, a 26-year-old writer and lifetime fan of the Harry Potter series. Disappointed with the final book and all its loose ends, Mike decided to write an alternate ending, one that is sure to delight fans around the globe. He even wrote it in Rowling’s style, which he knows so well. It’s a different and satisfying journey through the world of wizarding filled with magic, mystery, love and answers to some of the questions you may have also had as the series ended. Are you ready to learn more? Then meet me after the jump for the interview, and Dobby, a lot more Dobby!

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