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Drumpf: the Grate Uniter?

Drumpf: the Grate Uniter?

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, but I was inspired today… This morning, I joined a great mass of like-minded people marching down Market Street in Philadelphia to protest trump’s lack of intelligence. Again. Today, on Earth Day, according to Reuters: “Thousands of scientists and people from other walks of life turned out … Continue reading

Do You Believe in Angels?

So I had this car accident on Friday. I knew it was coming. After all, I have been driving up to 90 miles a day for the last 10 months, on some of the worst roads around. It was bound to happen. And as far as accidents go, this wasn’t bad. It was the other … Continue reading

IT’s Oscar Time Again! The Academy Awards 2015

Giggle. Whoopee! Tra-la-la it’s Oscar time~~YAY! Welcome to my annual OSCAR posts. I am your host, the most high Princess Patricia McJudgy Pants, here to guide you through all things Oscar. The Nominees! The Dresses!  The Winners and those who should not be the winners! No need to check any other social media–everything you need … Continue reading

Too Cold to Work Outside!

This is David: David works at Sam’s Club’s gas station in Cinnaminson, NJ. He filled my tank today with a smile. But it is like 000 degrees outside and I couldn’t help but wonder how he was doing. “OMG you must be freezing!” I say from the semi-warmth of my car. “If I’d known I … Continue reading

Goodbye Good Boy: Ashes on Ash Wednesday

For the last five days and night, I’ve had a dead dog on the deck outside my living room. Now, that wasn’t exactly a plan, but that’s how it came to pass when my beloved little Champy passed away on Valentine’s Day. Champ became our dog–and my 10-year-old son’s “brother”–14 years ago. We went to … Continue reading

Has a book changed my life?

I have been challenged–though thankfully not to douse myself with ice water. Although I admire, watch and thrill at everyone else’s videos as they meet the awesome challenge to raise awareness of ALS, I still silently hope that no one calls on me. I have a hard time getting into a shower that’s not steamy … Continue reading