Basketball Jonesin’

A new, young sports writer looks at the funny side of sports. Check out his blog: And somebody hire this kid already!

The O'B View

Just to get you in the mood to read the rest of this post, I’ll start with a video link sure to remind you of how amazing NBA players are at acting. And by amazing, I obviously mean hilarious.

OK, now on to the real part.

Sports have been pretty bummerific lately–the NFL has too many problems to count, the NCAA is pretty much always a jumbled mess, hockey’s off hockeying somewhere in the Yukon or wherever hockey goes in the offseason, soccer’s over there being all non-World Cuppy in Europe and baseball’s postseason is going to feel like an afterthought to Jeter’s (admittedly Awesome) final game unless someone other than the Giants or Cardinals win.

In short, the last few weeks of sports haven’t been very funny. With one notable, gleaming exception. That exception is by far the flat-out goofiest of professional sports leagues, a magical realm where big…

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