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It’s a Mad, Mad World Online: Kids Take Note

Today my son won an award–YAY!! I’ve already tweeted about it, facebooked the pics, and sent pics by gmail and text. It’s a Proud Mama day for me. My son Michael won a Sports Writing award from the NJ Collegiate Press Association, an organization dedicated to helping college newspaper staffs produce better newspapers, solicit advertising, … Continue reading

Sochi Olympics: Really?

Okay, I’m about to disagree with a whole lotta folks who thought the Opening Ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics was awesome. I did threaten to do a whole “Who Wore It Best?” post ala The Golden Globes, et al, for the country’s uniforms, but I really didn’t have that kinda time and besides, no … Continue reading


A lot of weird things have been happening to me lately. Not big things, but noticeable things. Like people on tv and behind me at Barnes and Noble saying the EXACT word I’m reading at that exact second. That’s happened many times before, and I always think it’s so insanely random and WOWish! Then, the … Continue reading

With a little bit of luck…

With a little bit of luck…

Okay, so here we go! I’m moving to Ireland. That’s what I’ve been telling everyone anyway. Gonna pack my bags, sell the house, garage the car and set out on a big jet plane to the land of my ancestors. That’s my plan; whether or not I can play it out is another story…well, actually, … Continue reading