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The Fault in My Stars

I am a writer who doesn’t write, and I’m trying to figure out why. I’ve just watched “The Fault in Our Stars” and it’s brought me to that place deep inside that we don’t often get to, the place that makes us feel more deeply, makes us want to be something better than what we … Continue reading

Has a book changed my life?

I have been challenged–though thankfully not to douse myself with ice water. Although I admire, watch and thrill at everyone else’s videos as they meet the awesome challenge to raise awareness of ALS, I still silently hope that no one calls on me. I have a hard time getting into a shower that’s not steamy … Continue reading

The FEDitor

I want to be the Federal Editor! The FEDitor. We all see the mistakes. Every day. Everywhere. And that’s because there’s no one watching the store, so to speak. How else do you explain a 50-foot high billboard like this: How about a guy who makes his living making signs: The saddest part of this, … Continue reading

The Great Conroy: Pat and The Great Santini

Meeting an IDOL is like winning the lottery: it’s wonderful and surprising and worth waiting in line for. Last night, I met my Literary Idol, Pat Conroy, and it was sublime. When I asked, shyly, if he’d mind taking a pic with me, he said sure and reached his hand out to touch my shoulder. … Continue reading

An Interview with The Editor: Meeeee!

Well, I’m famous! Today, instead of writing my own blog post, I hand the reigns over to Marie Gilbert: writer, blogger, ghost hunter, and steam punking granny! Sorry for the shameless plug, but that’s what it’s all about, right? In addition to being a sometimes-traveling-sometimes-home blogger, I am a professional writer and editor and am … Continue reading