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The Only Thing to say about Oscar 2015

First, the Obligatory WrapUp: The dresses were nice, JLo’s was probably my favorite, but for some reason, I found the show a little boring. Patricia Arquette won for Best Supporting Actress and JK Simmons for Best Supporting Actor, as was predictable as they’ve been winning the lesser awards. NPH as host was awesome and has … Continue reading

What to Drink while Watching the OSCARS 2015

Tonight, when you’re decked out in PJs ~~ but hopefully accessorized with your favorite tiara ~~ here’s what to drink: the award-winning (yes, they had a contest) Moet Red Carpet Glamour Cocktail! This lovely gem of a drink will be served as the official cocktail of the official Oscars after party, the Governors Ball. Enjoy! Recipe … Continue reading

IT’s Oscar Time Again! The Academy Awards 2015

Giggle. Whoopee! Tra-la-la it’s Oscar time~~YAY! Welcome to my annual OSCAR posts. I am your host, the most high Princess Patricia McJudgy Pants, here to guide you through all things Oscar. The Nominees! The Dresses!  The Winners and those who should not be the winners! No need to check any other social media–everything you need … Continue reading

Oscar 2014

And the Oscars went to–Gravity, the movie that won nearly everything–except Best Picture. Two males in the same movie–the “thank-god-he’s-putting-the-weight-back-on” Matthew McConaughey and the “he-still-looks-like-a-girl-in-that-tux” Jared Leto–won both male acting roles, but their movie Dallas Buyers Club didn’t fare as well. Cate Blanchett won for her role in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, amidst rumors that she … Continue reading

The 56th Grammy Awards Preview

Award Show Post #2…Here We Gooooooooooo. Tuning into E! at 5 pm, I see the same crew ~~ Giuliani Rancic, Kelly Osbourne and those guys (don’t care). G looks perfect, as usual, but the very YOUNG Kelly with her purple pageboy is wearing an old lady gown. Why? I will admit that at my recently-advanced-again … Continue reading

#Goldenglobes: Award and Fashion Winners

Welcome to Award Season, my favorite season of the year (right behind Summer, Christmas and Spring). Okay, welcome to my fourth favorite season of the year! If you, like me, have been giddy all day just knowing that Guliana and Ryan would be on the Red Carpet tonight, then you, like me, must be so … Continue reading