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Philly by Segway

There’s a new hot spot in town, and it promises to become quite the place to meet, grab a cuppa and take a tour around the city. You only need to choose which way you go: on foot, by van, or…on a Segway! And last night, at the GRAND OPENING of the new PHILLY TOUR … Continue reading

100 Followers: Thank You

It’s a milestone only I was waiting for: I now have 100 followers on this little blog, and though it’s really not a big deal to anyone else, it is to me. Writing a blog is a weird little practice. If you’re to do it well, you must “put yourself out there” with every post. … Continue reading

Christmas in New York

Christmas in New York

I’ve always thought that there was no better place to visit during the holidays than New York City. All you needed to do was get yourself to 5th Avenue and window shop, go over to Rockefeller Center and watch the skaters (or skate yourself!), see the tree, marvel at the angels. But this year, something … Continue reading

Soda or Float?

Sometimes, I feel like I come from another planet. In 1969, when my family moved to South Jersey from Central Jersey, some things were so different that we felt like we were speaking another language. It was crazy because we had just moved an hour south! But the truth was that all our new neighbors … Continue reading

Confessions of a TV-holic, Part 2

Guess What? I’ve kicked my tv habit! And no one is more surprised than I am. Here’s what happened: I went to Ireland, where the only show I was actually interested in watching was The Voice, Ireland, with the cuter-than-cute Bressie. I did, however, stay up til about 3 in the a.m. every night streaming … Continue reading

In support of those who stay home…

Stopped behind a school bus as I drove through town this afternoon, I watched a group of primary school kids step off the bus and into the arms of their waiting moms–some alone, some with carriages holding younger siblings also eager to welcome home their own first or second grader. It was a familiar and … Continue reading

Confessions of a TV-holic, Part 1

Okay, so sue me. I’ve given in to the devil that is television. When I left for Europe in December, I’d cancelled cable, my home phone, and internet services. Upon my premature return in February, I decided to stay uncabled, unphoned, disinternetted in an effort to motivate myself to get a job, go out of … Continue reading

And the OSCAR Goes to…

It’s Oscar Night! It’s Oscar Night! The Red Carpet, the dresses, the handsome leading men…this is possibly my favorite day of the year, the day The Academy gives out awards for being popular and pretty–especially if you’re popular and pretty and play someone going through hell and looking bad, which takes Bradley Cooper out of … Continue reading