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Gettin’ Down(ton) at the Abbey

Let me say first that I am not a regular viewer of the PBS show that seems to have stolen the hearts of so many of my friends and the country at large. I do, however, find it entertaining. But in a different way than most. The first season had come and gone when my … Continue reading

February Funk

On my way out of London, I shot a few pics, again from a moving car, but that’s how you do it when you’re in a flurry! It seemed to me that these are typical London homes outside the city center…most are attached to each other and are modest but not small. And although Mary … Continue reading

A Rainy Night in London

Although it rained all day (ALL DAY), my chauffeur Amazing Andrew finally agreed to get into the car (he was opposed, as there’s no place to park in London; I was all for it as I am from the Car-Crazy-United States and it was RAINING ALL DAY) and drive around the city in search of … Continue reading

London Calling

It was raining when I got to London. And it rained the next day…and the next…and today. Yep, it has rained–or sleeted–nearly the entire time I’ve been here in what the Brits say is the greatest city in the world. Well, I don’t know. It’s hard to see that through an umbrella! ‘ But let’s … Continue reading