From the Other Side of the Tracks…

Yep,  I’ve crossed the line. The River LINE, that is, the train that runs from Camden to Trenton ALL DAY!

river line

Nice, huh? Pretty even. But guess what that train does up and down the tracks all day. That’s right, it blows. Those effin’ drivers blow that g-d horn so much I swear they’re doing it just to bother people; if we can’t run you over, they might be thinking, at least we can make you deaf. Perhaps being stuck in what amounts to a carnival ride all day makes one cranky. But really, do they have to blow so loud and so often? My guess is no, but they do it anyway.

Because they can.

Other than that, I really love my new digs. Moving was hell but here I am in my new, clean apartment that looks like a condo, breathing the fresh air blowing through my sliding glass door up here on the third floor. Well, the nice clean air that is out there before one of my neighbors comes outside to smoke. Any of my neighbors. I have yet to see a person here without a cigarette in one hand and a dog leash in the other.

Now, I hate the smell of smoke as much as I hate breathing in second-hand smoke, so you can imagine my chagrin when I realized that the smoke makes its way through my living room into my kitchen! And I can’t help wondering why so many people still smoke? I mean, once in a while at a party maybe but all day, everyday? Are they daft? There’s a guy on the second floor right below me who has a handicapped tag in his car; he comes out of his door and goes NOT to his deck, but right under my deck to smoke. He’s a large young man who waddles more than walks and he’s got 18 stairs to go up and down each day. Does he not think the SMOKING may have something to do with why he needs the effin’ tag? I have another 18 steps after that and having to breathe in his smoke while I’m climbing is not good for me or for Champ. Oh yeah, he flicks his ashes, too, right where the little doggies have to walk.

People often suck, that’s the truth.

But now I live on the other side of the tracks, literally, from the lovely Moorestown and I guess I have to deal with that. The shops aren’t as nice, the people aren’t as nice, and, worst of all, THERE IS NO STARBUCKS NEARBY! No, Starbucks does its homework and plants itself in money areas, that we know. There are several Dunkin Donuts around here though, but that’s not the same. Not for me, anyway. Then again, I drink too many coffee drinks and with all these stairs to climb–four thousand times a day since Champ will NOT learn to pee on the peepee pads–well, all I’m saying is that if I don’t start losing weight, there’s something seriously wrong. I mean, really: 36 steps? Pa-lease bitch, that’s a day at the gym right there.

136227350Oh, and they have a gym here in this community. I haven’t been there yet, but I can see it from my deck 😉


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