Future Sensations, NYC, The High Line and The Tony Awards = a good weekend

My weekend started with a visit to Future Sensations at Eakins Oval in Philly. The company I’m currently working for — Saint-Gobain (it’s French) ,presented five distinct ephemeral pavilions  to celebrate the past three and a half centuries and offer glimpses into future innovations.


The touring exhibition made only four stops across the globe, including Shanghai, China; São Paulo, Brazil; Paris, France; and Philadelphia – the only tour stop in North America and home of Saint-Gobain’s domestic headquarters (which is that awful commute away from me that I wrote about in my last post!).

I was lucky enough to go on Thursday night when the crowd wasn’t bad; I have friends who never did get into all of the now-gone pavilions because of the long lines. Philly does love a free event! I liked the experience but want to talk about the food trucks!

Food trucks, if you’re not aware already, have become really big business in cities and are offering some really cool fare, even for picky eaters like me (see: I ate at Starbucks and an Irish Pub for nine days while in Valencia, Spain https://pattiobrien.wordpress.com/2013/02/03/the-new-breakfast-of-champions/) On this night, I saw many, many trucks offering pork (what is this fascination with eating poor little piggies anyway?) and this one:


Which, you must admit, is inviting…but no. I walked on, all the way down the line to this:


Yep, bought dessert first — yumyumyummmmmyyyyyy banana pudding, highly recommend. But it was dinner time and I needed protein, so I ambled up to BrazBQ where the owner Adriano Redante was on his own, cooking away, because his helpers didn’t show up. I asked for a special order, of course, just a regular cheeseburger without the ham and fried egg and potato sticks on it. He was sweet and accommodating even though he really wanted to give me those sticks, so we put them on the side. No, Glenn Walker, I did not take a pic of the sticks because I’m pretty sure they’re not actually french fries! (For the ultimate guide on all things French Fry, check out Glenn’s blog: http://www.frenchfrydiary.blogspot.com/)

So, that was Philly. Yesterday, Saturday, I went to New York City…Manhattan…the Big Apple. Born in Brooklyn but raised in New Jersey, I still have NYC in my DNA and LOVELOVELOVE nothing more than a beautiful day walking around this wonderful city. We had tickets to an 8 pm show but spent the whole day WALKING around (thank Zeus for those steroid injections I got in my aching feet the other day. I (heart) steroids so much, but I digress.)

My lovely buddy Trish http://trishmaunder.blogspot.com/ and I are great city-adventure friends: we never have much of a plan but always have a great day. We started by walking on the High Line, (now this, direct from their website: an elevated freight rail line transformed into a public park on Manhattan’s West Side. It is owned by the City of New York, and maintained and operated by Friends of the High Line. Founded in 1999 by community residents, Friends of the High Line fought for the High Line’s preservation and transformation at a time when the historic structure was under the threat of demolition. It is now the non-profit conservancy working with the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation to make sure the High Line is maintained as an extraordinary public space for all visitors to enjoy. In addition to overseeing maintenance, operations, and public programming for the park, Friends of the High Line works to raise the essential private funds to support more than 90 percent of the park’s annual operating budget, and to advocate for the transformation of the High Line at the rail yards, the third and final section of the historic structure, which runs between West 30th and West 34th Streets. Find out more at: http://www.nycgovparks.org/parks/the-high-line


It’s REALLY cool and clean and surrounded by inspiring architecture…


And this is where we met Kate and Andy…


Kate is 34 years old and a video/photographer by trade, who has traveled with her beloved “Velveteen-bear” Andy since birth. She takes truly adorable pics of him (way better than Flat Stanley’s). You can follow her at: travellikeateddybear.com. We love talking to folks like Kate while sipping hard cider overlooking the Chelsea section of NYC.

We also met Chris:


He’s the rovingtypist.com who wrote a story about us on the spot entitled: Two Patricias. Novel (pun intended) idea his is, sitting on a wooden bench on the High Line offering original stories while you talk or just give him a prompt. The threesome before us had asked for “a galactic tale with a gay twist” and were delightedly clapping at the results when we walked up. “You have to do this!” one of the guys said, and so we did…talking so much I’m surprised he was able to write anything at all.

As the day progressed, we made our way to Bryant Park to eat and sit and drink…then walked to the Lyceum theater to see The Visit. A friend of ours from home is in the original cast, which is pretty cool, but I can’t say I’d recommend the 90-minute musical of questionable book (really Terrance McNally? This was, to be honest, the stupidest plot ever in the history of not only Broadway but possibly every book of anything that’s ever been written, even by a four-year-old.) and even though it’s nominated for five Tony awards (the cast was excellent; the story was shite), I don’t think it’ll be around long because were moved from the balcony to the mezzanine for a Saturday night show in June (read: not selling well on the biggest night of the week in a very popular tourist month).

Which brings me to The Tony’s, my favorite show of the year — except that in a season lacking anything like Les Mis or RENT or Wicked or The Phantom of the Opera or…well, I’m no expert, but if The Visit is nominated, it wasn’t a very good season for Broadway. Still, there’s the wondrous Kristin Chenowith and entertaining Alan Cummings as hosts to look forward to and the (hopefully) good production numbers that are better than any other award shows’s.

Watch it live now: http://www.tonyawards.com/en_US/live/index.html and go see a Broadway show soon!


4 thoughts on “Future Sensations, NYC, The High Line and The Tony Awards = a good weekend

  1. Patti, your blog is so descriptive I feel as though I was with you. Maybe it’s because as I read it I hear your voice telling me the story. Either way, I’m glad you had such an exciting long weekend. Dom.

    • Thanks Dom, so nice of you to write that! I wondered if anyone would really care about my weekend, but I tried to add alot of info for those who may want to check out the High Line or visit some other blogs/websites. I LOVE my NYC days xx

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