Support Young Artisans! First Night in Philly…

It’s finally SPRING in the northeast — at least, we hope it is — and with the warmer weather and longer days comes our need to go outside to do stuff! We have been COOPED UP too long as winter’s icy fingers reached too far into April (you like that literary prose? heehee it doesn’t happen often).

But it’s MAY now and as they do on the first Friday of every month (at least I think it’s every month….we haven’t been outside since Autumn), Philly’s Art Galleries down there on 2nd Street (btw Market and Arch) swing wide their doors (egads, I’ve done it again) and let the great unwashed cross their thresholds…I can’t stop myself.

But as anyone who’s ever gone to First Night knows, it’s not the art inside the galleries that’s the big draw,  it’s the stuff out on the sidewalks. Artists of all kinds — many of them students from UArts and other local art schools — present their work on tables, or spread their wares out on, well, spreads, right on the ground. Some of them are older and offer more expensive pieces, mostly jewelry, but many are young artists putting their stuff out there for the first time. They are usually interesting kids (I’m old enough to say that), works of art themselves.

I LOVE First Night and usually go with a group of amazing photographers (who take amazing pictures of it all: ( even though I don’t have an Olympus camera worth four zillion dollars like they ALL do!! Seriously, all but one of the half dozen shooters I met up with last night have the same camera! My camera — the one I used to take all my pics in Ireland, Spain and London — might be kaput, so last night I showed up with, gulp, just my phone! So my friend Fred Glasser ( agreed to shoot the pics while I collected cards and oohed and aahed over the artwork. Herewith, we present some the artists and their information.


Okay, I took this first pic of Cris Iacopani ( and Alana Wicks ( and their crazy friend. The rest of the pics are Fred’s 😉



This paper jewelry maker is Hanga from Hungary. Her company is Babelfish Jewelry and you can find her on Etsy.


This is Robin Lynn ( We loved that she made a nose ring for her friend that is temporary…not ready to make a commitment, her friend was so happy with her new bling, she couldn’t stop taking selfies!

fn3          fn4

One of these two women is Katie L. O’Neill ( / Fine Art and Abstract Paintings. I can’t remember which but no matter…go check out her art and find out for yourself!


And THESE are, of course, baby heads.


Fred really liked the Bone Jewelry made by this artist. Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have her card, but I bet she’s back on June 1!


And I was drooling over rings made by Tara Helwig ( Here’s a $300 jade creation:


Here’s an artist I’ve featured before on this blog. She’s such a cutie and is now teaching art to elementary students. She made me a ring once right on the spot!  Check out Stacey at

fn9     fn10

Of course, there are musicians everywhere, and though we don’t know who this is, she was playing Bach, a piece I recognized as one I’d played on the piano as a teen. I loved her.


These really and truly good smelling soaps are made by the very enthusiastic “Mack” of, which offers natural artisan beauty care. Great dress, too.

fn12     fn13

Not to mention these awesome “cupcakes.” Makes the whole “I’ll wash your mouth out with soap” threat a whole different ballgame (and does anyone say that anymore? And does anyone DO that anymore? I got it once and believe me, it wasn’t good. I think it was Dial, maybe Ivory.) I’m pretty sure this would be better:


Molly Juliette Silbernagel (yeah, I’m guessing that last name will go someday) makes fine quality hand-bound books/journals. If I didn’t own too many blank journals already, I woulda bought one. Maybe in June. See her stuff at


I leave you with some parting shots from Fred. He and his wife Katie offer custom, on-location and in-studio photography.  Fred specializes in portraits, headshots, and real estate photography, and Katie’s specialties are newborn, children, and family photography.  Together they both provide wedding and event photography.  You can see more of Katie’s work on their sister site See you in June!




And for even more wonderful pics from the night, visit


2 thoughts on “Support Young Artisans! First Night in Philly…

  1. I’ve been meaning to get to that. Nice write up. I hope to get to that in June. I’m in Philly every Friday volunteering for Komen. I get out at 4. Let’s meet up.

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