CBS’s “Scorpion” Gets it Wrong!


As an O’Brien, I cannot watch this new show without thinking that the casting of Elyes Gabel is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY WRONG.

He plays Walter O’Brien, reportedly the 4th smartest man in the world with an IQ of 196. That’s a real guy:
stock-photo-los-angeles-sep-walter-o-brien-at-the-paley-center-for-media-s-paleyfest-fall-tv-215687179And although the real Walter doesn’t necessarily look Irish, he certainly doesn’t look Indian. This guy does:


Yeah, this is supposed to be an O’Brien.

Elyes–apparently dating Katherine McPhee who’s also on the show–usually does play Eastern Europeans or Asians. He’s British, not Irish, with a bit of Indian in his ancestry. That’s why he looks right playing roles like this:


I am watching the show On Demand right now, and I am so distracted by this non-Irishman playing an O’Brien, that I have deleted the show from my “Must See TV” list. I just can’t get past it. Why, oh why, CBS, didn’t you go with an Irish actor? Or at least one that looks Irish. Herewith, I present seven actors who would have been better choices and made me want to watch a show that should have been a sure thing; after all, how often does the lead character share your name?



(Okay, if CF was in a show about warthogs, I’d watch it.)

9876e05c97fe5c16bd6de61cab3ebabf(actually BORN in Dublin)





Or how about this guy? He’s Eddie Kaye Thomas who plays another genius on the show. Really CBS? Really?


Visit to see more…any one of them would be better than Gabel. And would perhaps allow O’Briens like me to give this show a chance.



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