Draft Day

Okay, I just cried at a football movie. More than once.

Draft Day stars my former boyfriend, Kevin Costner, as well as one of my crushes, Denis Leary (he of one of my favorite tv shoes EVA, Rescue Me) and Jennifer Garner, who does seem, I hate to say, a little young for the role of Costner’s girlfriend.


The whole film is about one draft day in the NFL. GM Costner has decisions to make and just wants a little peace and quiet–but also feels the need to take Garner into a closet many, many times throughout the day. No more spoilers, I promise, but I kept wondering if he’d made a deal with Garner’s hubby, Ben. “Okay, big old movie star…you can use my wife as your much-too-young love interest, but you cannot–under any circumstances–make it look like you’re in love. In fact, don’t even kiss her until the very end. In further fact, make the audience wonder, at the beginning, if she’s actually your daughter.”

Yes, I think she was miscast. Kevin himself has said that he’s getting a little old to play the love interest and although I disagree with him…he may be getting older, but he’s still so handsome and sweet…I think, maybe, they should pair him with more age-appropriate actresses. I mean, c’mon: he’s 18 years older than her so yeah, he could be her Dad. Can you imagine the pairing the other way around? Would the movie-going audience accept Josh Lucas (41) and Kathleen Turner (59) as a romantic couple? How about Oprah (59) and Will Smith (44)? The aforementioned Ben Affleck (41) and Reba McEntire (59)?


Nothing against OW, but she certainly looks more like Smith’s auntie than his lover–the 42-year-old Jada Pinkett Smith, here, is his wife. Yes, it makes more sense.

Of course, Costner’s real-life wife is only 39, so in his world I guess, Garner’s casting makes absolute sense. I’m not putting her picture here, however, because she is the reason we broke up and I hate her. I mean, really, how was I supposed to continue to love a man who’d go for someone like her? All blonde and young and whatever. What. Ever.

I’ve moved on too, Kev…and not that you asked, but I’m now in love with a younger man–Colin Farrell. Ironically, I am…ummm…okay, yes, 18 years older than he is, but true love is true love and you just can’t stand in the way of–oh, whatever.

Back to the movie. It’s good, I liked it and you will too. There are some really cute actors playing football players and lots of real-life football guys in it. Frank Langella, who at 76 was older than everybody, never took his sunglasses off, leading me to conclude–as one only can–that he’s recently had eye surgery to try to look younger and still has some puffiness. Oh yes, Puff Daddy’s in it too, playing the Jerry McGuire role that Tom Cruise did so well. After all, if you’re gonna make a movie about football, you’re gonna need an agent.


So the movie’s good if small; it’s a day-in-the-life flick and I like those. This is certainly not some career role for Costner though, as the ads are promoting…he sort of calls it in, if you ask me. He’s good, but the role doesn’t call for much. It’s just a little film about the big once-a-year day in profession football, the day when college hopefuls wait to hear their names called  to become millionaires. But it’s touching in parts–and not the parts they may think–and so I teared up a few times because good sports movies do that.

As far as Kevin and I are concerned, I will tell you that I have actually kissed him TWICE (I’ve seen him with his band, Modern West) and that’s more than I ever thought would happen. As for Colin, well, it remains to be seen. Anyone know if HE plays in a band???

Conan, Episode 0285, July 30, 2012 Meghan Sinclair/Conaco, LLC for TBS




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