100 Followers: Thank You

It’s a milestone only I was waiting for: I now have 100 followers on this little blog, and though it’s really not a big deal to anyone else, it is to me.

Writing a blog is a weird little practice. If you’re to do it well, you must “put yourself out there” with every post. You risk being ridiculed, judged, perhaps made to feel like an idiot if a comment is particularly negative. You are telling people all about your life–the ups, the downs, the weird and the wonderful–and you risk them saying: Who cares? You bare your soul to strangers and hope they feel a connection. Yes, it’s a big risk.


But it’s a risk I’ll continue to take because:

1) I have 100 followers!!

2) I have yet to have a negative comment–which is risky to even say–but it’s all been such a positive experience!

So THANK YOU for taking time out of your busy lives to spend a minute or two with me, the BROAD who is no longer ABROAD, but is still on the adventure of LIFE…which continues to kick the shit out of her, but on her home turf.



2 thoughts on “100 Followers: Thank You

  1. It is a Major Milestone but now that you are gainfully employed in your fancy, high rise, metropolis office, you must be kicking life’s butt! Liked the Dublin stories the best, hoping someday you will make us all proud and be the latest inductee into the Dublin Writers Museum!! In the meantime, looking forward to more sophisticated, worldly, refined stories like on the Sponge… The infamous kitchen sponge!

    • Oh MIKE< You always make me smile!! Alas, the gainful employment was short and swe–sour. Lawyers are weird people. So back out here looking…but sure, put me in there with Joyce and Wilde, why not? IDK if they allow bloggers in there, but there's got to be a first, right?? THANK YOU, Mike, for reading and commenting and for your support xo

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