Oscar 2014

And the Oscars went to–Gravity, the movie that won nearly everything–except Best Picture. Two males in the same movie–the “thank-god-he’s-putting-the-weight-back-on” Matthew McConaughey and the “he-still-looks-like-a-girl-in-that-tux” Jared Leto–won both male acting roles, but their movie Dallas Buyers Club didn’t fare as well. Cate Blanchett won for her role in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, amidst rumors that she wouldn’t because of all the flack surrounding Woody, and the “IT” girl of the moment, Lupita Nyong’o won for her role in 12 Years a Slave, the Best Picture victor…an end-of-the-evening steal from Gravity.


It was a good show. Ellen was good. John Travolta couldn’t get his ONE line right and owes Idina Menzel a huge apology. No one at my little Oscar party got the whole “heroes” theme of the night–WHY wasn’t Bette Midler’s song under the Memorial pics? As it was, it seemed like an afterthought. And WHAT was she saying as they went to commercial? Her mike was still on, but we only caught the beginning…

Jennifer Lawrence tripped, which is becoming a tradition; Ellen brought pizza and shamed the celebs into paying for it; and Bradley Cooper snapped a selfie that’s making history–and features Lupita’s brother, lol. Liza Minelli tried to get in, but she was just too short and in the back. She did look good, though, with her streak of blue hair–and was just ONE of the MANY stars who seem to have made a Red Carpet trip to the dermatologist. Hey Goldie Hawn: we love you, we always have. But you are not your daugher. In fact, your daughter was there, representing the younger generation, looking and sounding exactly like you — well, the younger you. It must be hard to watch your younger self up there onstage, but Goldie, accept it. Stop all the botox, or whatever makes your face blow up like that, cut the hair and let yourself be older. It’s really not that bad. Aging only happens to the lucky ones, try to remember that.

So, there’re are the highlights. If you weren’t worn out, I hope you stayed up for Jimmy Kimmel’s amazing you tube movies–Charlie bit my finga!! I can’t believe he got that many “stars” to do it!! If it’s On Demand, watch his after-show. It was awesome. And now, some PICS:

selfieThe Selfie seen ’round the world.

From the other side: poor Liza.

slefieHere she is, in all her glory:

lizaAnd then there was Goldie:

goldieAnd her former self, Kate:

kateOne of my favs for Best Dressed:

sandraAnd Giuliana, who always gets my vote:

guilinanJennifer Lawrence nailing it, as usual, her red peplum dress beating out her costar Amy Adams’ blue peplum dress:


I also loved Emma Watson, but some reviewers didn’t:

emmaAs for the also-rans, I did not like Anna Kendrick’s dress, it being so OLD and her so young and tiny:

anna kendrickI did not like Julia Roberts’ dress either; Meryl Streep continued her streak of bad dresses; and Anne Hathaway, I thought, missed the mark. But my WORST DRESSED–though who am I to judge?–was Glenn Close. Was she going to a funeral after the show? Because that would be the only acceptable excuse.

glenn closeAnd, in one of the most fun moments of the night, this happened:



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