TV DINNER: The Voice 2013


OKay? I love this show. I love everything about it.

I love him:


I mean really, this guy’s the real deal.

And I LOVE him:


I mean really, really, really.

I even like these two:

ceeloBut it’s the interaction among them and the contestants that makes this show work. The back and forth of Adam and Blake…CeeLo taking a pic of a contestant’s boots, Christina onstage (I don’t like her much in the red chair, but she’s an awesome vocalist). She and CeeLo took furloughs last year–and were more than adequately replaced by Shakira and Usher. I don’t really care who takes the seats in the middle: it’s the two ends that matter.

Adam is the cutest when he wants somebody. He jumps up and down on his chair, he swears his undying love, he begs and moans and says his life will be over if the contestant doesn’t choose to be on his team. It’s funny and adorable and entertaining. Blake plays the “my wife is Miranda Lambert” card too much, but still he’s funny and real and honest. Christina is back and “fresh,” she says, and hopefully will be a little less of a diva this time around. CeeLo is all kinda weird, but funny. The whole thing works.

I am so over Idol, which I had watched since day one. This platform is such a support system for aspiring artists and though they don’t fawn over the also-rans, they are nice to them. When they don’t turn around, they feel bad and apologize and say they’re probably making mistakes…they’re nice, Simon Cowell, and it’s still a great show. Imagine that.

Michael Becker / FOX

So these are the judges for Idol this year. Just three? I heard talk that Adam Lambert will be number four, but I may be behind with my info. I will tune in the first day to see Harry, and def. a few more days to see Adam, but I will not get involved with the singers. I’m a VOICE GIRL now.

So far we’ve seen some great singers on The Voice…whether they were as “amazing” as the judges said, I can’t say. But they were good, all of them, which is another great thing about this show: all the singers are good. I never could watch those Idols that featured the bad singers: it was just sad, not funny. I never get why people like that part.

It’s too early to call a winner; we’ve only just begun, and I haven’t even finished watching the second episode! Forget dinner tonight, I stress-ate potato chips and onion dip. Some days, only junk food will do.



So, Whattya think?

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