TV Dinner: HIMYM Monday and The Blacklist

Before we can tune into a new show tonight, there are a few old favorites returning and I can’t wait! (Well, they start in 8 minutes so I guess I can wait)!

As an official TV critic (the blogging world has made it so), I actually bought the NEW FALL SEASON TV GUIDE today!!! And just like when I was little, I couldn’t wait to look at it. I sat down with my Wegman-cooked dinner–a little chicken marsala, candied yams and broccoli–and felt calm and happy.

Then the dog started choking on his treat and we spent the next hour walking around, him throwing up, me cleaning it muttering “it’s okay.” Life–funny how often it gets in the way of our watching other people pretend on tv.

But I digress. I’m tuning into the first two episodes of How I Met Your Mother because, for some reason, this show isn’t ON DEMAND. Tomorrow, I’ll watch tonight’s premiere of one of my favorite shows, The Voice.  Also on at 8 pm is Dancing with the Stars. Talk about famine to feast…it’s nice to have so many options, but all at the same time? Age old problem, solved with On Demand. Gotta love it.

So…Ted and Lily and Marshall and Robin. I’m not sure what the show would be without the amazing NPH, but luckily we don’t have to find out.

OMG Barney just said “Ring Bear” instead of Ring Bearer! When my three-year-old son was in his first wedding, he thought he was going to be the ring bear and would have to wear a bear costume and he did not want to do it. It took me to the very minutes when getting him dressed for him to stop being nervous as he saw his actual outfit. OH, it was CUTE but scratchy, so he didn’t like that either, but still he went bravely down the aisle as the most adorable ring bearer ever (true story.)

So, yeah, Barney and Robin are getting married but…are they related? Gasp. Really? Kinda lame…But WAIT! Lily just met YOUR MOTHER.

Finally. This is the last season of the show and we’ve been waiting a long time.

how_i_met_your_mother_something_new_1_a_hThis is she. The Mother. Cristin Milioti. Anybody else think she looks like Lily and Robin combined?

And in case you’re wondering, the dog is now dry heaving. My life is almost as glamorous as theirs.

So we’re onto the next episode, this being a two-part premiere and the question is: Will Robin and Barney really get hitched?

Now, I’m usually a fan of Sherri Shepherd’s, but I’m not sure I’m enjoying this whole Sherri-vs-Marshall story arc.  It’s too far off the main story for me to care about.

The dog is now on the couch under the covers so I think, fingers crossed, we’re done for the night.

Nope. Wrote too soon. He’s now walking around trying to blow chunks in every corner. I am too worn out to follow him and besides, Ted is sitting with the mother…sorta. Secret hidden flashback.

How long ago was it–the beginning of last season? The end of the one before?–when we were at the wedding already, but we didn’t know whose it was? Well, we know now that Barney was in the tux and the bride was Robin…but we still don’t know if they go through with it. I’m assuming they will because otherwise this will turn out to be as lame as the whole “it was a dream thing” on Dallas, eh?

(((we now take a short respite from WCAU 10 to go watch something other than 2 Broke Girls before returning for Mom. Doesn’t she have anything else to do? you may well ask. Why yes, yes I do–way too much. So much, in fact, that I am withdrawing into the land of make-believe, pretending that I don’t. It’s a technique I’ve honed over many years, though you, too, can achieve my success level. Just don’t get off the couch.)))

I’m watching DWTS and have to say again that this season, as many others have been, is SO UNFAIR. There’s this kid from High School Musical who is a professional dancer–competing with Bill Nye the Science Guy. In my opinion, this ruins the whole show. C’mon guys, pitt equals against each other, then we’ll see who can really learn and grow and all that good stuff.

Mom: Anna Farris, Allison Janney. Both good in everything they do; will they be good here?


Okay, so it was cute. More Anna than Allison, which is good. I don’t buy them as mother/daughter and I certainly don’t think that cute young waiter would have been into the mother, and I really didn’t like the laugh track…outdated…but it has potential if only because Anna is so cute.

Ok, now to the NEW SHOW that’s been teased more times than Tracy Turnblad’s ‘do…The Blacklist. This show really boils down to one thing: Can our favorite lawyer–now chubbier and bald–make us believe it?

James Spader has always been good—remember him from Sex, Lies and Videotape? So different, he doesn’t look like the same person. I think he will suffer for the rest of his career from comparisons of any role he takes on to Alan Shore.

Slam, bang beginning, that’s for sure! And I’m intrigued, weren’t you? As usual, Spader is talking over my head, but he’s above everyone else’s heads here, so I’m in good company.

To answer the only question that counts when a new show premieres: Will I watch this again? The answer is yes to both Mom and The Blacklist. But Mom is on against The Voice and The Blacklist is on against Hostages, which I missed tonight, so it remains to be seen.

What did you think?


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