TV Dinners: Sleepy Hollow

So I got this new idea…since I am no longer traveling, for the moment anyway, and I do watch alot of tv, and I’ve always wanted to be a critic, and this is MY blog and Glenn Walker told me I could write ANYthing on my own blog no matter what the blog title suggests, I will now be dedicating many posts to the new television season.

I call it TV Dinners and I will also tell you what weird crap I’m eating while watching because I always eat in front of the tv which explains alot, I know.

Welcome your thoughts, agreeing or not…

Tonight’s review will be short and sweet: This guy is the reason to watch.

Though I would retitled it “Creepy Hollow.” If you like creepy, you’ll like this.


ME? I watched it ON Demand, had to pause, left it on pause too long…and decided to watch something else. How about you?

Dinner was a tiny chicken pot pie with the pie part removed so I could have tea biscuits instead. What Wegman’s calls scones is not scones in Ireland; what we call tea biscuits are more like those tasty treats I had over there. I also bought Creme Fraiche from the Devon Cream Company to top them off but that was awful. Ah, the dairy products of Ireland cannot be beat. My quest to reproduce that delicacy continues…


4 thoughts on “TV Dinners: Sleepy Hollow

  1. We watch way to much tv in our house too, although I love doing it with my remaining children. Anyway we liked Sleepy Hollow. Samantha didn’t like the fact that his speech was too modern, after all wasn’t he a 1770’s Brit?

    • Hey Toni! Thanks for reading and replying…yes, he seemed to adapt too quickly–how the hell did he know how to enter a car so easily when he should have been saying: Get in HERE? What the hell is this?” Samantha’s smart, just like Mama!!

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