The Return of Survivor: Fall TV, Wed. 9-18-13

In my house, we are huge Survivor fans. From way back, when I was taking a night class and my father came over to be with my son, they’d watch it together. Later, they became Lost devotees, but that show’s over–forever to be mis- or non-understood. The jury’s still out.

But Survivor is a classic, the first reality show and still one of the best. And what makes this season special for us is the return of two former contestants: Rupert and Gervase Peterson. If you’re a fan, Rupert needs no last name; he’s the big guy in tie-dye with the beard who famously “pillaged like a pirate” in 2003.

And although Rupert is one of my son’s all-time favorites–and, in fact, won the first Fan Favorite cool million–we don’t know him personally. Gervase, we do.

gervase and mikeThis is a picture from last year’s Survivor auditions in Atlantic City. Being a local guy from Willingboro, NJ, Gervase was there, as usual, trying to stretch out those 15 minutes (or days) from Season 1. He’s been doing that since we met him, and now he’s back, 13 years later. With my son, Michael, Gervase holds a picture from several years ago, when he coached my son in a basketball class at the Moorestown YMCA. We even drove him to a 76ers game once, and what a thrill it was. Hey, our lives are small.

So now, we have Rupert vs. Gervase, and I have to say we’re rooting for them both. Also returning is Season 2’s winner, Tina, who somehow beat the much, much, much more deserving Colby. That season was insane, Tina was icky and we hated her. So we hope she gets voted out first!! And the pink-shirted Colton who pissed everyone off the first time is back for more–what? we can’t say.

Blood vs. Water is this season’s subtitle and it’ll be interesting to see who sticks together, as each survivor is here with a family member or friend: pairs. Lauren, Rupert’s wife, is also in tie-dye and I’m betting that they are one couple who will not turn on each other.

Ok, let’s go: OMG they’re voting someone out before they do anything! This is HARSH. And Rupert’s wife gets the first vote: she wasn’t surprised and…she’s OUT. Gone. “I love you,” Rupert says as she leaves…he’s always a target, always. Don’t worry Rupert, you can still get ’em. On the other team, Gervase gets a vote b/c he’s wearing an Eagles jersey, but it’s Candice who has to leave. I cannot believe they kept Colton, but you never know what’s gonna happen.

Laura and Candice are sent to Redemption Island; ah, not out yet! BUT when offered the opportunity, Rupert steps up and takes Laura’s place, giving her the chance to play. These guys are lovers and Rupert just proved, once again, that he’s “Da Man.” John, Candice’s husband, leaves Candice to fight Rupert on Redemption Island.

So, it’s the veterans + Laura against the newbies. Colton is trying to saw bamboo; it’s not working, of course. And everyone’s trying to convince his/her team that they will be playing for the team, not their partners. Should be interesting to see how this pans out.

“We got five guys; they got four guys and a gay guy,” Brad says as he tries to make an alliance.

These newbies got some back-stories: addiction, teen pregnancy, jail. woohoo.

Colton’s trying to get people to understand that he’s “a living, breathing human being, just like everybody else.” He cried and everything. Pathetic or brilliant? I doubt that they care as much about his personal life as much as his obnoxiousness. It remains to be seen how he continues.

Candice, in her first interview, is complaining about Rupert, who’s 50 lbs. slimmer than last time we saw him. For his part, he says he’s not gonna do what he’s done before, killing himself for his tribe. Let her do it, he says, “burn up her energy. Then I will eliminate her.”

First challenge is up and it involves water challenges and a puzzle. Without Boston Rob, there’s no clear winner before they start, but Gervase can’t swim! The newbies (Tadhana Tribe) take an early lead as he struggles at every step, exhausted. What’s up man? You look good, fit, slim…and you’re not nearly as old as other Survivors have been. And now the returning players can’t paddle a boat, omg. Jeff Probst, the host, calls them “dysfunctional.”

Puzzles always throw everyone–except the master, Boston Rob–and once back on land, the vets catch up and win. Galang wins immunity and Colton cries again. Maybe he’s getting his period.

Gervase was jumping up and down and “in your face” which was weird, because he nearly blew it for his tribe.

While we go to commercial (I’m writing this live), I remind you of the greatest Survivor Player ever:

rob mariano_boston_survivorWE miss you Rob. Love him or hate him, he’s the best.

Back on the island, Gervase’s niece calls him “the weakest link.” He says he would vote her off easily. I wouldn’t wanna have Thanksgiving dinner with that family.

Tadhana has to vote someone out, and the guy alliance is feeling strong: five to four wins, just ask Brad!

At tribal council, John starts to cry. WTF people? Stop crying for chrissake. This is SURVIVOR, not a Baba Wawa interview. Sheesh. Marissa feels “guilty by association” b/c of her uncle’s actions and feels “on the block” as they say. Will she be the one to go home? Brad seems to have taken an early leading role on this tribe…

And it’s Marissa who goes to Redemption Island and the tribe finally gets fire.

Wow Gervase, not cool. Not at all.


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