New Shows on Fall TV! Tuesday, 9/17/13

If you’re a regular reader of this blog (thank you), you know that I had once identified as a TV addict, but then kicked the habit. The release from having to be in front of the TV for every new episode of a favorite show, has led me to going to bed earlier and reading, an old favorite “hobby” that I’d been badly neglecting.

I’ve read some really good books (The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared); some fairly good books (The Marriage Plot); and lots of other books, the names of which escape me at 10 pm. I also went back to Franny and Zooey, to re-read the master (JD Salinger) as I await his biography, coming soon to my mailbox from Amazon.

But it’s FAll FESTIVAL… a new name for an old favorite: the first episodes of the new shows!!! When I was younger, I’d pour over the special, fatter TV Guide to read every word of every article about every upcoming show. There were always big pictures of the new casts and lots of information about what to expect. I couldn’t wait to check out the ones I thought I’d like…it made the nasty month of September endurable. I mean sure, I had to go back to school and the summer was over, but THE NEW SHOWS WERE HERE!! I haven’t looked at a TV Guide in a long time and I’m sure they still do it–but these days, I get all my info from–you know–the internet.

So, I have read with interest what the “experts” think: that Robin Williams coming back to TV may be a bust; that the show about that guy from the Avengers is gonna be as awesome as the movie; and that James Spader may or may not be starring in a new hit–the jury’s still out on that one.

As for me, I tuned into FOX tonight (and since I’m comfortably under a blanket writing this and the horrible Fox News is on, but my channel changer is too far away…well, it’s still on but I assure you I’m NOT watching it) to check out the premieres of two new and two old shows and, as many of my fellow bloggers do, I’m doing a review. I always wanted to be a critic, so here we go!


We start with Dads at 8 pm. Here we have the brilliant Seth McFarlane doing real-life comedy and even bringing along his Family Guy geek, Seth Green. Is it because they have the same name that McFarlane thinks Green is watchable? I have never liked this guy in anything but cartoon form, where he is unrecognizable as Peter Griffin’s son, Chris. His dad is played by Peter Riegert, who has gotten SO OLD since playing Boone on Animal House that I could cry.

The sad part of this whole show–which seemed too sit-com formulaic to make much of a splash–is the total WASTE of Giovanni Ribisi. He of Friends  (Phoebe’s brother) and many scary movie roles, Ribisi is phenomenally talented at being very, very weird. I mean, very weird. He’s awesome and crazy and insane–so they put him in a suit? And they made Green the Army-jacket wearing rebel?

McFarlane is brilliant; Ribisi is brilliant; Dads, I don’t think, is even smart. What a shame.

Next up, we got ex-SNL fav Andy Samberg’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine at 8:30.

Yeah, yeah…Andre Braugher’s back on TV, lalala, whatever. This is Samberg’s gig and although the supporting cast did a fine job supporting him, he’s the reason for the season (of the show, that is). Even though I can never talk about Samberg without calling him Adam Sandler (and, in fact, had written him as Adam Samberg before going back to correct it, lol), I always thought he was good, not great, on SNL. Here, he is great. That’s it, that’s my review: watch this show because he is great! And who doesn’t love a show about Brooklyn cops?

Two Fox shows returned tonight: New Girl and The Mindy Project. Although I like New Girl, I think the episode made me tired. But I woke up when James Franco came onscreen as Mindy Kaling’s replacement doc while she’s in Haiti with her fiance. I can say that while I didn’t like the new hair–her face is too full for a boycut–I did like Franco. Actually, I like Franco whether he’s good or not, even though he’s always good. Okay, even though he’s always adorable. What. Ever. He made the show better and since I don’t usually watch this show, I did tonight because of him. Mission accomplished The Mindy Project: you got a new viewer tonight, and maybe like millions of new viewers. Keep him, he only makes you all look better (even as he makes you all look a little worse).

201-003-mindy-project-all-my-problems-photos-lightbox-tbdYeah, that’s the pic. Why muck it up with anyone else?

See you tomorrow for reviews of more new shows!


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