Confessions of a TV-holic, Part 2

Guess What? I’ve kicked my tv habit!

And no one is more surprised than I am. Here’s what happened:

I went to Ireland, where the only show I was actually interested in watching was The Voice, Ireland, with the cuter-than-cute Bressie. I did, however, stay up til about 3 in the a.m. every night streaming American tv, wondering what the hell I was doing!

2010-01-01 009

What I was doing, I guess, was feeling homesick, and tuning in to America Idol made me feel better. So, I started watching the latest season in Rathgar, Dublin, then never watched it again.

Yes, I am off Idol. After so many years of watching every episode, holding my breath through all those drawn-out results shows, swearing I would “NEVER WATCH AGAIN” when someone I loved got voted off early…I’m done. In fact, this is the last singer whom I couldn’t wait to see each week…Adam Lambert has, in my opinion, the best voice to ever grace the Idol stage:


When I was no longer abroad, and was instead back in the house I’d hoped never to have to go back to, I did not have cable or wifi or anything–and I almost died. I cannot, I thought, live without media. So, after two months, I broke down and got cable and internet and everything. Ah, back to civilization: goodbye books that I took to bed every night, hello Showtime On Demand.

I couldn’t wait to watch all the episodes of my favorite shows that I’d missed while away. I got wifi before my son brought the tv back from college, so I started watching everything online. I could, for the most part, go back to the very episode I needed and watch a show all the way to the present; sometimes, I did it in one day. It was heaven.

Sort of. Because after awhile, I got, well, bored.  I couldn’t believe myself! I’d been dying to know what was happening on Parenthood, who was who on Once Upon a Time, how Hank Moody was screwing up his life. And I found out, all of it–and didn’t really care. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Californication, and I could barely sleep thinking about what was going to happen next on Shameless…but after I’d finished those series, I didn’t care much about the rest. I was stunned.

When my son returned the tv to its rightful place, I took the cable hookup I had in the bedroom and put it in the living room. Now, I had no reception in the bedroom and I was much, much happier–and got back to the books. I’d missed reading before bed, and realized that I could fall asleep earlier after reading than after trying to stay up to watch Craig Ferguson.

So, now I am a reformed addict. Yes, I still watch tv, but not obsessively, and I’m much happier for it. Yes, I watched every episode of The Voice and voted and kvetched and held my breath during the results shows (a little drawn out but nothing like Idol). I rejoiced when Danielle Bradbury won–mostly because it was not the other girl who got on my nerves because she opened her mouth WAY too big when she sung and didn’t have the voice needed to win but LOOKED like she was really do something because of those stupid lunges…but I digress.


Yes, I have kicked the habit–but I’m no zealot: I judge no one regarding their viewing habits and will not try to talk you out of marathon-watching Monk if you so choose. Just do it on your own time, my tv’s off for the night 🙂


So, Whattya think?

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