New Jersey Renaissance Faire

Today I did something I’ve never done before: I went to a RenFaire and boy, was it something to see.

Now I know there are all types of Cos Players in the world…men and women who like to dress up when they go out, but this was kinda crazy. Still, the folks who were visiting us from the year 1320–those who came to support either their sovereign, King Edward “Longshanks” or his foe, Scotland’s William Wallace–and somehow converged in the Shire of Crossford, England in the year 1560 (Liberty Lake in Bordentown) were, no doubt, having a ball. And although I don’t see myself ever donning ears, horns or a tail, I did like the dresses and the Scottish accents. TJ Miller, the director of the whole shebang, cast in the role of William Wallace, had a particularly enticing accent and looked mighty cute in that kilt. But I digress.

Along the banks of Liberty Lake, my friend Jamie and I met many a fine character–maidens and kings and glass-blowers, knights, gypsies, Lords, minstrels–even a poor guy with leprosy who was, considering, pretty jolly. There was old-timey fare like chicken fingers and fried ravioli (!) and plenty of young lads scarfing pizza and washing it down with Pepsi. I guess the whole 1500’s thing only goes so far.

Here’s my partner in crime and me in our 2013 garb–we obviously have no spirit! 035

We did have fun, even though we didn’t quite get it, but I guess grown-ups have got to find a way to play, too, and what with the “good day to thees” and the goblets filled with who knows, and the sword fights and the live chess game…well, these fairies and merchants and villagers from the Shire sure were having fun. Maybe, someday, I will buy one of those dresses that make everyone look good (and a heavy-duty push-up bra because MAN were those women pushin’ stuff up outta those corsets and bodices) and put a wreath of flowers on my head and practice my Scottish accent (though, having just spent time in Ireland, I’m better at that one, t’anks a million) and get more into the spirit of things.


Or, maybe not.

In any case, I took a bunch of photos and I think I’ve managed to figure out how to post them in a gallery, rather than having to have one after the other after the other…so look ’em over and they’ll give you a good idea of what it was like. You can click on an image to enlarge it, too, and to see the pics in a slideshow. YAY!

To learn more, go to And may the force be with you–er, or something like that.


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