Irish in America

This past weekend, I went over to Penn’s Landing for the Annual Irish American Festival, which is a good name for a gathering that had few true Irishmen and women, but plenty of Americans–of all shapes and sizes–decked out in the old green, drinkin’ beer and clapping along to Irish music provided by American bands

009The real Irish were the vendors, selling the usual t-shirts, mugs

and other stuff we Americans can’t seem to get enough of. I almost

put out 20 bucks (which would have been 26 euros over there) for a

t-shirt but decided I needed a drink more…which led me to a girl

who told me that the cold water was free! Seriously, in this kind of

humidity, water beats beer. True Story.

Anyway, you could tell who the real Irish were just by looking:

they were fair, many red-headed, and looked really, really hot

and not in a good way. It’s never like this in Ireland, one of them

told me, and I knew she was right. Of course, they hardly ever see

the sun, so I guess that’s the tradeoff.


026050There was actually more to see in the audience than onstage…

041Of course, not everyone was happy…


And not everyone knew where they were…

035There was dancing…and waiting…


A LOT of waiting…


032Of course, not everyone was in green…

007I don’t know why he was mad, either…maybe because he’d been poisoned by a blue icey? And this guy? He danced the WHOLE time. At the Irish Fest, everyone’s Irish!


You could buy a number of “Irish Must Haves:”

004Don’t know what Pog Mo Thoin means? Maybe this will help:

016Hahahaha. Yep, that’s Irish.

And then there was this guy:023

What can I say? Only in Philly…


3 thoughts on “Irish in America

  1. Nice write-up. Love to read your blog and anything about my Irish family. Great pictures also. What camera are you using?

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