And the OSCAR Goes to…

It’s Oscar Night! It’s Oscar Night! The Red Carpet, the dresses, the handsome leading men…this is possibly my favorite day of the year, the day The Academy gives out awards for being popular and pretty–especially if you’re popular and pretty and play someone going through hell and looking bad, which takes Bradley Cooper out of the running because he looks great even as he’s going crazy.



But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s look at the other nominees in one of the few categories anyone ever cares about:

  • Actor

    in a Leading Role

  • Okay, so we know Cooper is out, even though he was awesome and could pull a surprise win. DD Lewis is always good and had a great character to play with the actual lines from that character, so he shouldn’t win because…he always wins. I didn’t see Joaquin or Denzel because–well, I’m already afraid to fly and I just don’t even know much about The Master. So that leaves HUGH JACKMAN who was incredible and had to ACT AND SING, which no one else did. This was the role of a lifetime for Jackman and I–and probably everyone else who saw the film–will cry (although not as much as we did during the film) if he doesn’t win.

  • hugh

This young Cosette was insanely good; she should get an award for being so cute and talented.

Now onto the ladies:

  • Actress

    in a Leading Role

    • 1134604  Zero Dark Thirty – Jessica Chastain
    • silver linings playbook 4 – Jennifer Lawrence
    • amour 1 – Emmanuelle Riva
    • beast of the southern wild 3 – Quvenzhané Wallis
    • THE IMPOSSIBLE – Naomi Watts
    • Ya know what? I only saw one of these movies but that little girl is so damned cute, I hope she wins. I thought Jennifer Lawrence was better in The Hunger Games so it shouldn’t be here. Jessica Chastain is a real actor’s actor who truly cares about her craft and is a truly interesting person, so if she gets is, I won’t be mad.

How about the supporting roles?

Alan Arkin, Argo — He’s always good and was good in this movie. I wouldn’t be upset.

Robert De Niro, Silver Linings Playbook — He’s always good and was good in this movie, but no.

Philip Semour Hoffman, The Master — He’s always good. I didn’t see the movie. Could be him.

Tommy Lee Jones, Lincoln — He’s always good and looked ridiculous in this movie. Not him.

Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained — Again, didn’t see the movie but don’t like him.

Uh oh, ran out of nominess…so I pick Alan Arkin because he’s awesome.

And the ladies:

Sally Field, Lincoln — no. Although I do have a new sympathy for old Mary; she wasn’t crazy, she was grieving. Nobody understands women

Helen Hunt, The Sessions — I’ve been told I look like HH, but it’s not a compliment. She gets naked in this movie that I also did not see because the idea of an Iron Lung makes me insane. So, no.

Amy Adams, The Master — I heard she was really good in this and went against type; she didn’t play a princess. Good for her, but no.

Jacki Weaver, Silver Linings Playbook — Okay, now I JUST saw this movie the other night and I don’t know who she is, so no way!

Anne Hathaway, Les Mis — Yes! Same reason as Hugh Jackman, with the acting AND the singing and the whole pretty-girl-gets-her-hair-butchered-off. Some people say she overacted, but I would be just as distraught if my child was off somewhere and I was dying and…omg, that is the saddest movie ever.

AND THEN…the blogger hit something on her keypad and lost all the stuff she’d already written (which was some good stuff)…so now she’s just gonna say this:

Ang Lee or David O. Russell should win for Best Director because Life of Pi was an awesome, beautifully shot movie and Silver Linings, although not a blockbuster, was well-done and well-directed, keeping us all involved and interested in this crazy guy and crazier girl.

As for Best Picture, I have to go with Les Mis for the shear epicness of the film and the live singing (except for Russell Crowe) and the acting and the misery…it was a visceral movie experience like no other and should be rewarded. The Life of Pi was gorgeous and THAT kid should have been nominated, but I don’t think it was better than Les Mis.

So, there are my wishes–I don’t really think these are predictions, because who ever knows what will happen at the Oscars? And isn’t that the fun of them? Happy viewing…and let me know who YOU think wore it best!!!!


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