A Rainy Night in London

Although it rained all day (ALL DAY), my chauffeur Amazing Andrew finally agreed to get into the car (he was opposed, as there’s no place to park in London; I was all for it as I am from the Car-Crazy-United States and it was RAINING ALL DAY) and drive around the city in search of a restaurant that wasn’t closed on a Sunday night. Apparently, the whole place hibernates on Sunday nights!

Once in the car, Andrew decided to at least drive past some of the more famous sights so I’d get a glimpse of them during my short stay in town. So, here’s a driving tour, at night, in the rain, of London:2010-01-01 261

Westminster Abbey, right near the doors where Princess Diana’s body was paraded out after her funeral service.  We parked and were able to snap this shot before being politely shooed out by a guard. Gorgeous, gorgeous building.

And this:

2010-01-01 283

Okay, so we were driving and it was raining and I don’t recall what this is, exactly, but I’m sure my British friends will remind me! Notice the double-decker red bus: it is a tourist bus and they are everywhere. I would suggest taking one on a sunny day!

2010-01-01 281

This was taken while we were on a famous bridge: not London Bridge, but a famous one even so–again, I apologize for not knowing what it is, but I’m sure some of you do!! I think it’s a pretty good shot considering we were driving and it was…well, you know 😉

I guess the most famous thing we passed (and I knew what it was!) was BIG BEN in all its glory:

2010-01-01 267

I was actually glad it was night because I love how it looks all lit up!

Back inside, this time at The British Museum where I met my dinner companion the next night–the adorable Rusty–

2010-01-01 288

Well, this is not Rusty but a statue…hahahaha…of a sample soldier or something. Again, if you want history, ask your history teacher. I’m just a photographer/writer who gets caught up in the moment and forgets to write things down. I do remember that this isn’t anyone in particular though, so that’s something. Though my schedule did not permit a tour of the museum, I highly recommend one if you go.

And I have to include this from Harrods:

2010-01-01 273

It didn’t explain any more about it than what it tells you, that it’s a 30 million year old piece of petrified wood. Pretty cool though, huh?

On my way out of Harrods on my second visit, I saw these guys and wondered how these clothes would look on men with heads:

2010-01-01 271

I’m thinking, not quite as good 😉


One thought on “A Rainy Night in London

  1. I believe the one picture was Trafalgar Square, not sure about the bridge. Wasn’t the tower bridge was it? I think if you were on that, you would have been taking a different photo than a lamp post! Hope you enjoyed!

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