London Calling

It was raining when I got to London. And it rained the next day…and the next…and today. Yep, it has rained–or sleeted–nearly the entire time I’ve been here in what the Brits say is the greatest city in the world.

Well, I don’t know. It’s hard to see that through an umbrella! ‘

But let’s forget that for a second and get to the Amazing Andy #3. Now, if you’ve been following this blog, you’ve met Amazing Andy #1, my very great and wonderful friend who drove my son and I to JFK airport in terrible traffic and got us there in time. Amazing Andy #2, a very nice friend of a friend, met me in Dublin and bought me a phone–which now has been returned and given as a gift to his sister.

Amazing Andrew (he really doesn’t like “Andy”) #3 drove 50 miles to pick me up in my hotel at Luton Airport outside of London,  drove me into town amidst rain and traffic, then showed me as many sights as possible on what he referred to as the worst day of London weather in recent memory. He is the brother-in-law of Amazing Andy #1. Small world.

Anyway, three Andrews…there’s meaning in this, I just haven’t figured out what it is yet. Perhaps there will be a fourth and final Andrew? Maybe Prince Andrew??

Ya never know. But here’s a Chris, the doorman for 19 years at The Capital Hotel in London, lovely chap:

2010-01-01 272

Can you stand it? The uniform is just too, too wonderful. We need more men like Chris in America!

On Pouring-Rain-Sunday, we spent most of the day inside the famous Harrods store, which is truly remarkable not only for its size and grandeur, but its prices! I mean, seriously, how much would you pay for this?

2010-01-01 287

If you said thousands upon thousands of eruos/pounds/dollars, well then, Harrods is for you. If however, you said a buck fifty at a yard sale, then you’re with me. How about this lovely settee and matching coffee table/candlesticks/clock/box…and laptop???

2010-01-01 265

I didn’t even bother with the price tag as I was blinded by the glow!

Harrods, being once owned by Dodi’s Daddy (who sold it in 2010, for 1.5 billion dollars), also features this memorial to the late lovers:

2010-01-01 294

I have been traveling abroad nearly seven weeks: I do believe this is the weirdest sight I’ve seen yet! And this is one of the funniest:

2010-01-01 269

C’mon now. I’m all for tiny little desserts–in fact, I prefer them to the big servings we get in America–but on this dish? Why add insult to injury?

And how about this? You can buy gold in Harrods:

2010-01-01 289

Unfortunately, it is closed on Sundays or else, obviously, I would have gotten myself a nice bar or two.

I didn’t need to make a phone call (and without a phone for the last two weeks, I might have had to use a public pay phone), but if I had, it would have been nice:

2010-01-01 284

And, of course…

2010-01-01 266

Yesterday, I went into Harrods and had OJ, a scone and a cappucino in The Tea Room; it cost me $32.95. I almost fainted. Our US dollar is crap–today the exchange is 1 to 1.96…so, everything I purchase here costs almost double!! I did not know that when I booked a room in The Capital Hotel, a five-star hotel a stone’s throw from Harrods; a lovely place with excellent staff, comfy beds and luxurious pillows and the nurturing I needed after my Spanish Fiasco. The price, listed in pounds, which I thought were kind of equal to euros, was not too bad; the price, in dollars, makes me want to throw myself against the padded walls. Right now, as I sit in its well-appointed bar waiting for my taxi to the airport, I am drinking an orange juice. I fully expect to pay $20 for it.

At least it’s fresh.

Next Post: pics of London outside of Harrods 😉


3 thoughts on “London Calling

  1. Did you check the comments book by Diana and Dodi’s memorial? I signed that about 10 years ago! Katie’s first piece of clothing came from Harrod’s we’re still trying to stretch her into it, and when I was dating Andy all I could afford was a cigar for him – you lived the life of luxury having tea and scones – oh, my! Once we are both home, tea and scones at my house for only $30!!
    So glad you saw Londinium, despite the ghastly weather!

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