Now Here’re A Few Partin’ Shots…

Waiting for my order of fish and chips, of course, I offer a few shots of the city of Valencia–and if you don’t get the title reference, then you should come with me to NYC and see a Broadway Show because you are sorely lacking in your American culture, lol.

As I’ve said, the city is beautiful, filled with ornate buildings and elaborate plazas and parks with fountains and statues and palm trees.

2010-01-01 220

But there’s also a LOT of graffiti everywhere, some of it good, some of it crap, some of it awesome:

2010-01-01 234

Though I didn’t get a chance to use one, these bikes are for rent as they are in many European cities. It was a real hazard to ride in Dublin, as there is really no place for the bikers so they just ride in front of everyone, including buses, who ride right up their slow butts! But in Valencia, it was easier; in fact, my young friend Angela took a four hour ride to the beach and back. I, being as sick as I’ve been in years, declined, preferring instead to wallow in my desperation. To each his own.

2010-01-01 233

A few posts ago, I showed you the doors and windows of Valencia, but here’s the grandest of them all, the door to The Museum of Ceramics:

2010-01-01 209Can you imagine creating this?

The note says, basically, closed, come back tomorrow, or something like that…like when they get to the Wizard’s and the guy with the ‘stache tells them to go away, remember? Then he cries so hard his mustache gets soaking wet because he had an Auntie Em once himself…

Anyway, even though I never did eat here, this was my favorite restaurant name: brilliant, no? It was just a little corner shop where you could buy some wokked-up food and take it away in a little box like we get in Chinese restaurants…wok while you walk. Love it.

2010-01-01 224

And THIS is my favorite hand-written sign ever:

2010-01-01 165

Alas, I did not get to try pizza that is not only good, but fabulous because I took this picture on my first day and forgot all about this place! In fact, I went searching for pizza on my last night in town, desperate for some America food, and walked all over the place in the other direction. I can only imagine how tired they get, though, making these incredible pizzas non-stop, 24 hours a day!


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