Valencia Windows & Doors

Just as I was intrigued by the beautiful Doors of Dublin (see previous post), I have already walked past elaborate doors and windows here in old city Valencia! So here’s a sampling, again, sorry I don’t know how to put it in poster form!

2010-01-01 028

2010-01-01 038

2010-01-01 039

2010-01-01 049

2010-01-01 077

2010-01-01 112

2010-01-01 097

2010-01-01 093

I thought this flag here was interesting…

2010-01-01 128

2010-01-01 114

2010-01-01 113

2010-01-01 174

This is my idea of a garden!

2010-01-01 168

2010-01-01 154

I don’t know why the doors are so big, but I love them.

And now, I’m on my way to see a man about an apartment. I hope it has a big door!!!


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