Well, I’d Never Been to Spain..

…and I haven’t heard the music, but I’ll tell you what’s awesome about opening my little door to my even littler veranda and seeing this:

2010-01-01 074

Yep, warm and SUNNY, just what I was looking for. All the Spaniards, though, were wearing coats, which was funny because the “others” were not…we were hot! Anyway, early this morning I found the second big difference between Ireland and Spain when the car horns started beeping…and beeping, different sounding ones, alternately yelling at something blocking their passage I assumed. I did not hear this in Ireland, everyone pretty much just waited.

I am in a hotel in the middle of the old part of the city and it is gorgeous here:

2010-01-01 051

But I am a stranger in a strange land, so as I went out for brunch (okay, so I missed breakfast again, but just because I really have a nasty cold and didn’t sleep well last night), I headed for an old friend:

2010-01-01 027

Then I strolled down the Calle Paz taking pictures of everything I saw because it’s all so beautiful, and came to this park: the Palacio de Justicia with this awesome statue of some hero, I’m sure (I just take pics, I’m not your history teacher, hahaha, look it up) 😉

2010-01-01 193

And where I met Mimozka Simeonuva from Bulgaria:

2010-01-01 121

Now, she did not speak a word of English and I don’t even know what language she spoke, but we sat and mimed and got to know each other a little bit. She was here visiting a friend, has two kids, a boy who’s 25 and a girl, 22, and a husband back home, and a dog. I even saw her later on in the day and she acted as if we were old friends. And this is why women are awesome.

I did, however, meet a couple of awesome guys, too. As I was walking past yet another Starbucks, I heard two men speaking and lo and behold, it was English! Not just English, American! I longed to talk to them so I offered to take a picture with both of them in it. Turns out they are pilots for UPS: John (left) lives in Lumberton, NJ (about 15 minutes from me!) and Marty’s from Cleveland. They invited me to join them and we continued walking around town; they even treated me to dinner and although I really wanted to take my leftovers back to the hotel, I gave them to a one-legged man in a wheelchair because that’s what you’re supposed to do for one-legged people.

2010-01-01 181

They fly out tonight but one of their buddies is due in tomorrow and we have a plan. As this guy’s a Starbucks freak, they KNOW he’ll be there tomorrow afternoon. I am going to go up to him, say hey, aren’t you so and so, and act sad that he doesn’t remember me from 25 years ago from Palma, I think he said…it’s gonna be legen–wait for it–

dairy. And here’s a cow:

2010-01-01 186

We saw a whole bunch of awesome buildings and a famous restaurant which has been on tv because they have churros and thick chocolate dipping sauce. We didn’t stop there today, but maybe manyana? (I really don’t know how to put accent marks on words, but you know there’s one over the y, right?)

We walked and walked and walked and I never once said my feet hurt, even though they did, and I returned to my hotel, got a cup of herbal tea from downstairs and have been sitting in my big chair hoping my fragile internet connection doesn’t konk out again, listening to my new favorite cd ooh la baby by Galia Arad (see previous post: Music and Words) and willing this cold to go away.

I’m not sad though, because IT WAS SUNNY ALL DAY 🙂


13 thoughts on “Well, I’d Never Been to Spain..

  1. I can so feel that Mediterranean breeze and the smells of the salty air, and I can hear the horns tooting, and I think we’ll be on a plane soon!

  2. Hey Patty, love your blog and hope you are having fun and feeling better. BTW tomorrow in Spanish is mañana. The tilde (pronounced tild-uh) over the n makes it sound like a y. Very tricky. I’m living vicariously. Be safe over there and keep blogging. I love waking up to see what you have seen and have to say.

    • thanks Mary! I know I spelled it wrong…I have little spanish and IDK if I even wanna learn…too old I think…I”ll just keep smiling and pointing! I’m so glad you like the blog…now, if someone would only pay me!!!!! thanks for reading xo

  3. Our buddy did go to Starbucks, Unfortunately he went to a different one because they were meeting up with his copilot’s friend. Hope you are over your cold my now and your feet do not hurt.

    • Hi JOhn!! Good to hear from you! I went to Starbucks a little late, so I figured I missed him. I’m in London now, as you might have seen, and on my way home to NJ on Tuesday. My dog needs me!!! Hope all your flying days are good ones, Cheers! Patti

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