It’s Been Grand, Dublin…

…but I gotta go! Like Sheryl Crow, I’m gonna follow the sun.

I’m sitting in the Dublin airport waiting for my flight and thinking about my month in Ireland. It’s been alternately great and depressing, fun and boring, warm and cold, easy and difficult: just like real life.

I met so many truly interesting, nice, friendly people, people I will miss, people who have become friends, like the woman I have lived with for the last three and a half weeks, the awesome Triona (standing) and her colorful BFF Barb who uses the world “lovely” more than anyone and is a model female: she just came back from a “sun vacation” as they call them here (and they NEED them, believe me) where she rode a camel.


I got to know several members of Triona’s family, including her niece, Jill, and boyfriend Michael: I asked to be invited to the wedding someday and they giggled, but I hope they get married b/c they’re adorable:


I learned somethings in Dublin and I think I’m a better person for having come here. The people are more laid-back here, daily lives are not rushed through, they take the time to enjoy a pint every night or so. And they’re nice, and polite, and say things like “t’anks a million” even if they’re a cashier at a convenience store; they do not say anything like that in Wawa. And everything is “grand.” They use it like we use okay: “Oh, so sorry I just stepped on your foot.” “Oh, it’s grand, don’t t’ink anyt’ing of it.” Polite, sweet, but they can’t say -th- for the life of them, even when they think they are.


The Gathering didn’t turn out to be anything much, more of an idea. We did go to fireworks on NYE, but apparently they have them every year. The actor Gabriel Byrne was quoted as saying it was just a ploy to get Americans to spend money over here, and perhaps he was right…still, it got me over here and I’m glad I came.


On Sunday, I went out in the pouring rain (what else?) to buy wine b/c a few friends were coming over. I noticed that most of the stores were closed, but O’Briens was opened until 10 pm! As they like to say over here, That’s Ireland for you. I even got a free taste of their most popular wine from Spain!


So, as the sun–er make that MOON–sets on my time in Ireland, I say t’anks to everyone who helped to make this a special time for me, a time to get my mo-jo back (well, maybe my mo, don’t have the whole thing back yet) and start living my new life. If it wasn’t for the suckass weather, I would be staying. But my flight is about to board and–fingers crossed–I will continue this journey in a land where I will now be the one who doesn’t speak the language…stay tuned.



8 thoughts on “It’s Been Grand, Dublin…

    • no Beth–now in Valencia, Spain! not ready to come home yet…how’s it going? actually, Mike told me some people came without calling first and he let them in eventho he didn’t know if one was a realtor or not!! smart kid, huh? anyway, hope one of them WAS a realtor–it was a few weeks ago.

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