Dublin Doors

I have been living in a rather nice area of Dublin called Rathgar and I noticed that, even when the house isn’t so great, the door is! And they’re even fancier in the city centre of Dublin; much of the architecture is left over from when the people from the country-which-shall-not-be-named (England) came over and took over and ruined everything (!) but built nice buildings (with all the money they stole from the Irish!). I tried to be creative and make a nice poster with the pics, but I failed, so here is a long batch of photos!

2010-01-01 035 2010-01-01 043 2010-01-01 056 2010-01-01 079 2010-01-01 080 2010-01-01 092 2010-01-01 093 2010-01-01 110 2010-01-01 115 2010-01-01 117 2010-01-01 121 2010-01-01 127 2010-01-01 136 2010-01-01 205 2010-01-01 206


2010-01-01 207


10 thoughts on “Dublin Doors

  1. Love these and love that you’re going to Valencia. Totally awesome and I will be willing you to get a job so that, at least, we have the time to visit. Go Patti!!!!!!! xxxx

  2. You’re right about the doors! I love them. You can make a poster when you get home. I’d like one. Enjoy Spain! Are you vacationing there, meaning are you going back to Dublin afterwards, or are you on the move? Have fun!

    • Hoping to get a job Patty…teaching English. I hear I have a good shot so fingers crossed! Remember, none of this is a vacation, is a soul-saving jump start for the rest of my life!!

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