Music and Words

This weekend I “discovered” two great singers and learned a new language (well, a little anyway). First, here is my new favorite artist, Galia Arad:

CIMG1545 - Copy She is from Indiana (!) altho she’s of European descent; a singer-songwriter who wrote her entire cd entitled “ooh la baby” about a former Irish (or English, I can’t recall) boyfriend who did her wrong. I bought the cd and I’m sorry I didn’t figure out how to record something on my new-fangled Irish phone, but she’s AWESOME and I love her. The title track should be on the radio and she should be at the Grammy Awards! That’s how good she is.

This concert was held in an old house-turned-cafe, a very cool venue to drink wine and listen to music–and it was the first place in town where I saw more wine glasses than beer bottles:

CIMG1541 - Copy The main act of the evening was “Caruso” featuring the charismatic and cute-as-a-button Shane as lead singer/songwriter. These guys were also fantastic and sweet and great and wonderful and one of those bands who are way better than many, many well-known artists but are playing small gigs around town and so may never get further than that–but I hope they do:

CIMG1555 - Copy

The next day, I went back into city centre for a meetup at Costa Coffee, where I spent the whole time talking to Eriko and Gianni, who confessed that the grey skies of Ireland got him really depressed sometimes too–a kindred spirit:

CIMG1557 - Copy

Then onto a place called Dakota where I was the only person to eat anything (7 pm and all I’d eaten all day was corn flakes and coffee)–everyone else just drank. Sigh. BUT, the truly important part of the evening was the interaction between Luis and me: we spent a very fruitful two hours or so teaching each other our languages!

CIMG1559 - Copy



3 thoughts on “Music and Words

  1. Are you ever coming back to Jersey? Don’t, you aren’t missing anything. So, it looks as if you are traveling south. Spain?

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