Pronounce This Name: Niamh

If you said “Nev” as in Neve Campbell, you’re right. But I bet you didn’t say that, did you? Unless you’re Irish, of course, then you would know that the -mh- makes a -v- sound. Weird language here in Ireland, where the bus driver corrected my pronunciation of ‘Townsend Street’ to ‘Towns End‘ Street on my way to Game Night at MacTurcaills Pub in Dublin (don’t ask me how to pronounce it b/c I still can’t!) last night.


I have joined two meetup groups here and the latest, Dublin Randomness ( advertised game night so I went over, only to find other groups having game night but not the organizer from that group, so those of us there joined in with the folks from Couch Surfing International ( and learned a new game from a girl from Brazil called President, an easy enough game, but made a little more challenging as only two of us spoke English well: Niamh and myself. The others were from Italy, France and Germany.

Again, I found the French to be obnoxious; good looking, but just the other side of pleasant. One of the Italians reminded me of my Jewish pseudo-sister-in-law (don’t ask); she was really tiny and very sweet but with very little English. Luckily for her, she sat next to another Italian who’s studying to be a translator, so she was okay. The translator-to-be wants to work at the UN; she reminded me of when I was younger and saw the movie “Gidget Grows Up” that I LOVED. I wanted to work there, too, and wear the cute little outfit and hat. Ah, dreams…

220px-Gidget_Grows_Up Whatever happened to Karen Valentine anyway, I wondered…

karen_valentine-now Still working, but finding it difficult

to land parts b/c she’s “over 50”.  Yes, Karen, we know how you feel.

Anyway, I forgot to take pictures last night because I had three glasses of Smithwick’s, the beer I DO like:

smithwicks I’m told that the -w- is silent, of course, so it’s called “Smith-icks.” Whatever, Ireland, you’re probably always drunk because the pubs that do serve food stop serving early, so all that’s left is the beer; and I tell you, when you look around, everyone’s drinking beer, nothing else.

Anyway, I taught the toddlers at my table (did I not mention I am older than everyone in Ireland?) to play my favorite drinking card game, Spoons. If you’ve never played, learn it because it’s hysterical and fun. The drunker you get, the more fun it is!


My evening ended with a ten euro cab ride home because it was 11:45 pm and the buses end at 11:30–nobody tells me anything–but it was worth the money. My driver was a tall, DARK man from Switzerland with the most amazing accent, who, after getting to my destination and cutting me a break on the fare, turned off the cab and continued chatting, telling me he wanted to take me out and show me around. Hey, a free dinner? You’re on…but it remains to be seen 😉


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