Beckett and Tigers and Joyce…Oh Pi!

I spent about an hour in Dublin’s Writers Museum yesterday

2010-01-01 026 and although it was a little boring (Ireland is very proud of their authors, especially the impossible-to-read-James Joyce), it was cool. I sat here in The Great Hall and tried to feel inspired:

2010-01-01 040

There are all the greats here, including Sam Beckett (Waiting for Godot); Jonathan Swift (Gulliver’s Travels); Oscar Wilde (An Ideal Husband); Sean O’Casey (The Plough and the Stars); Joyce (Ulysses); and George Bernard Shaw, who holds this distinction:

“…spent several years in London as a hack journalist and five early novels earned him next to nothing. He became an arts reviewer before turning his hand to playwriting. His only play on an Irish theme, John Bull’s Other Island, amused Edward VII so much that he broke his chair laughing.”

A writer could hope for no less than that.

Today, Ireland’s favorite bad girl writer is Edna O’Brien, now in her eighties but once a wild young author making the talk show rounds. Her first novel The Country Girls, was banned (but, like Lady Chatterley’s Lover, would not cause an eye to bat today) and ended her marriage to her jealous, writer husband.

2010-01-01 025 Ah, A Star is Born. There were two other O’Briens represented: Kate and Flann, whose real name was Brian O’Nolan. He looked like a gangster but was an Irish novelist, playwright and satirist, considered a major figure in twentieth century Irish literature.

indexflann o'brien

Anyway, walking down Dublin’s main drag, the very wide O’Connell Street, I saw these tweens and just had to snap the picture: they were shy, which was weird considering the outfits, but this is what my niece, Lark, would be wearing if she were here, I am sure! 2010-01-01 046 Later, I ran into these 17-year-olds buying “American Cola!” Who knew?

2010-01-01 037

They were quite sweet and glad to become “famous” by appearing in my blog!

I ran into them in SPAR, the Irish answer to Wawa or 7-11. I had gone in after the movie (see below) for a hot chocolate because I had to wait 16 minutes for the effin bus: I always have to wait, my bus is never the bus on its way. Never. And it’s cold here which sucks because it’s warm back home. Sigh.

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen The Life of Pi and want to, skip this next {part}:

{I went to the movies by myself, only the second time in my life that I’ve done that. But I saw that The Life of Pi was up for Best Picture (I am an Academy Award Show lover!) and am worried that something other than Les Mis might win. I mean, seriously, that was one spectacular film and its nominated actors not only had to act, but had to act and sing at the same time–their angst, so palpable on the big screen, was heartbreaking. If your performance makes people weep, you’re doing something right. So, my vote is still for Les Mis, but I have to say that I loved Pi and thought it was visually stunning. I believe that the second story was the true one because otherwise, the scene with the cook is useless and not needed; it’s used as foreshadowing, I think, for what happens in the life boat. Our minds often protect us from things that are untenable; what happened in that life boat was too difficult for Pi to deal with so he created another world, so to speak, in order to survive–emotionally and mentally. Being able to do that is what truly saved him and allowed him to go on…and can we say the same for believing in God? Whether he is real or not does not matter if someone feels that he’s helping him or her through a rough period; it’s the faith in something bigger than yourself (like a Bengal tiger) that can get you through. My review of this movie: it will not make you believe in God if you already don’t (as the adult Pi promises), but it does what a good movie does: it takes us out of our own worlds and brings us somewhere worth going. }

Image What did you think?


10 thoughts on “Beckett and Tigers and Joyce…Oh Pi!

      • and today? I slept until 2, skyped with Mike for 1 1/2 hours (awesome!) and spent the rest of the day online and watching tv! I’m trying to figure out how to go somewhere else b/c it’s too cold and rainy here. thanks for reading, hope you’re having great days on the beach 🙂

  1. Perhaps you could still stay in the British Isles and go to Torquay or Plymouth, deep south in England and a little more temperate. But, of course, it is Winter and maybe the Spring might be worth waiting for!

  2. Interestingly, I saw Les Miserables (the play) last night in Phila. Haven’t seen the movie, not sure if I will now. Can a musical be too musical? Yes, apparently it can for me 🙂 Stay warm, it’s supposed to get very cold her by the end of the week so – greener grass? Possibly not.

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