The Wonderful Ritz and Liam Neeson

Okay, first of all, MONEY DOES BUY HAPPINESS. I have always known this was true and I am proving it: I have spent a fortune this week and have been very happy.

The Ritz-Carlton here is awesome in every way except the scratchy towels and robes. Seriously, I may have a job here teaching them how to use fabric softener. BUT this morning I luxuriated in the total indulgence of Spa treatments. The Spa is downstairs and walking into it you feel like you are walking into a calmer, more serene world. Like many spas, it is classic and polished and calming; unlike many spas, it features all kinds of hot therapies like saunas and hot tubs and steams and serenity rooms and other stuff: I can’t remember it all b/c I was half asleep when I got there and nearly in a coma when I left!

My “terapist”–they do NOT say -th-, Vania, was from Portugal and had a lovely lilting Irish accent with a twist. But Vania’s big desire? To go to…drum role…NYC! Almost everything she knows about the place is from the movies and she can’t wait to go and have New York pizza, for one. I didn’t hesitate to say that Italy was much closer and probably had pretty good pizza, too. I don’t think Europeans understand how expensive EVERYthing is in NYC, and also that it is NOT, by any means, going to “America.”

Which makes me realize that there is no “going to America” if you don’t travel all around the country. If you land in NYC, for instance, you are experiencing life on another planet from, say, Kansas. Think about how different life is in Maine than Florida; Texas from Brooklyn; California from Arkansas; and Vegas from anywhere.

Depending on where they go, one-time visitors have just a hint of what life is like in America and how we sound. Vania asked me to do a Texan accent, then a southern one; I also threw in a Boston “pahk the cah” and a “fuh-ged about it” from my place of birth.

“How can you do so many?” she giggled. Rich Little I am not, but I do okay.

And speaking of cars (though not in “Hahvahd Yahd”), check out this parallel parking job:


Yes, you may think that I had alot of room but there is a car in front and IT’S ON THE OTHER SIDE!!! I have gotten pretty speedy actually, and have adapted very easily, so driving on the other side is not a big deal, if you’ve ever worried about it.

On the way back from Donnybrook today (more on that tomorrow), I had to stop to ask directions (only once though; twice on the way there–they don’t have street signs!) and this guy jumped off his bike to help me. He told me I was so pretty and that I probably get told that all the time (lol, no.) and that he’d like to show me around. I asked him if he was rich and he said no, he didn’t care about money.

I said “fuh-ged aboud it.”

Hahaha. No, not really. But I thought it. Anyway, his name really is Liam Neeson, the “real” one, he said, and that he thinks he probably is related to the “other” one. I told him I had the sixth most common name in Ireland and he guessed it in three tries!

Anyway, tonight’s our last night in the ritzy Ritz and Mike’s last night in Ireland. Tomorrow I will be crying, for more reasons than one. In fact, I will see Michael again and for the rest of my life; I may never be here again. Sigh.


6 thoughts on “The Wonderful Ritz and Liam Neeson

  1. I am enjoying your Ireland Experience Blog. Thanks for taking me with you spiritually.
    Glad your Irish O’Brien eyes are smiling brightly with less tears and more laughter as your Dad looks over you proudly and safely.

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