O’Brien’s Bridge, Bon bons and Cops!

Here’s something that almost never happens: a cop made me change lanes on the M50 (big highway in and around Dublin) because I was going too slow! Now, I will tell you that I have adapted very quickly to driving on the other side of the car on the other side of the road; it isn’t easy on the teeny, tiny little roads in the smaller towns, especially since people’s houses are right there next to you, but it’s easy once you get on the highway. So there we were, going along at a pretty good clip, when I see this guy on a motorcycle come up right on my ass–I mean, I thought he was going to run into us! Then he went up the right side and sort of looked at me through the window, hands up, in a kind of “what are you doing?” gesture. Not recognizing him as Guarda, I sort of shot him back the same look: I mean, he was on this narrow little part of the road right next to me where he shouldn’t have been. He then goes in front of me, motioning for me to move into the left lane (I’d been in the right) and then he does a “now stay put” gesture and speeds off.

Well! I was already going well over the speed limit, which was 80 km/hr. which is like 50 mph (don’t make me do math, I’m tired). I was doing at least 100 km, but these cars in the right-hand lane, including the cop? 120 km at least. At certain points of the drive, I was up to 140 and they were still trying to pass me. If our little rental car didn’t shake so much at 140, I’d have been able to keep up!

Anyway, here’s the report from today: Galway, which is supposed to be beautiful is, apparently, not so pretty on a rainy, rainy day. We did get to O’Brien’s Bridge:

Image It has a plaque which reads: William O’Brien Bridge. My great grandfather was William O’Brien so, of course, I’ve claimed this bridge for my family. Who’s to say which WO’B it was named for?

We also came across this little establishment:

Image which is located on Shop Street (literally). Walking around in the rain with a 21-year-old male who could not care less about shopping did not make this a Disney experience, though the whole place reminded me of Epcot. In fact, I kept wishing we were in Epcot. No wonder everyone around here pops into pubs for a few pints on a regular basis: they’re getting out of the rain! Makes me think that Galway is the place where the phrase “lift your spirits” comes from; you really do need to drink around here to get through the winter!

This lovely candy man told us that they don’t even look for the sun until summer! Can you imagine? Those jars behind him are full of bon-bons, another good way to get through a gloomy day 🙂


Anyway, just another rainy day in old Ireland…we could not wait to get back to The Ritz!

ImageJust walking through the doors makes me happy. Which makes me wonder: perhaps I did not need to fly across an ocean to find my inner peace. Perhaps I just needed a week or two at The Ritz in Philly…


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