One Year Later…

My very-much-loved father passed away one year ago today. It is that fact that first set me on this journey to the land of his ancestors. I had meant to go to O’Brien’s Tower at the Cliffs of Moher today to honor his memory, but we didn’t make it because we are still kind of on American time and we wouldn’t have gotten there–a three and a half hour trip we were told–before dark. Ah well, my father would have understood. Hopefully, sitting here in the ritzy Ritz in Enniskerry will do:


My son thinks it is “strange and creepy’ for me to have brought “my dad” with me to Ireland, but I wasn’t going to come without him. My son probably thinks I’m strange and creepy already, so I might as well play it out, eh?

That’s “me dah” above in the Irish cap and “Kiss Me I’m O’Brien” shirt in a pic taken last St. Patrick’s Day. And here’s his dah in a photo taken in Brooklyn, New York, many years ago:CIMG1215 I might not look Irish but my Grandpa sure did, eh?

Anyway, we ended up staying on the Powerscourt Estate grounds today–very pretty, very pricey–with Mike going back to the hotel early so I could do, well, what I always do: shop and talk.

Those of you who know me well will not be surprised to know that I met a new friend in the “toilet” as they say here. Not actually IN a toilet, but at the mirrors, lol. She’s from South Africa and if she truly ends up following this blog, I’ll tell you her name (I already forgot it, but that’s nothing new). I also met a lovely girl named Leona, or Liona, or Mary (jk, not Mary) in the shops who I would like to marry my son (as long as she is neither strange nor creepy, of course) but it turned out she’s only 16.

By far though, the most important person I’ve met yet is this guy:


I can’t remember his name either, but he made me an awesome cafe mocha and for that, I will be eternally grateful. We’re only going to be in these parts for this week, but I am already planning a return visit. Starbucks? Ha! THIS chap can make a mocha πŸ™‚

And yes, my son–who was made to take the picture–thought it was strange and creepy to have to do so. I thought it was absolutely necessary!

And speaking of toilets (see new friend made), here’s what’s wrong with them over here: not enough water. Seriously, this is terrible. You know how it smells when a baby poops in his diaper b/c there’s no water to “soften the blow?” Yeah, same thing.

CIMG1210 I am absolutely certain my son will think that posting this pic is the most strange and creepy thing yet, but I must be honest and show the full spectrum of my adventures; I am sure you would be satisfied by nothing less, right? πŸ˜‰

I must be going though, b/c it’s nearly “half eleven” which is 6:30 your time, but not here, so I bid you good night with this vision of a toilet in your head. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “One Year Later…

  1. perhaps if you carry a small notebook with you can write down peoples names and little tidbits of your day so as not to forget where and who you met along your travels…just a thought

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