This Broad IS Abroad at last!

We’re here, by the skin of our teeth as they say. The last few days have been an incredible journey which has, finally, gotten us to our destination and here I sit in a beautiful suite in the Powerscourt Ritz-Carlton.

We would not be here, I am sure of this, without the wonderful work of a few good women and men, so here are the Thank Yous:

Thank you, Beth Gavin, for coming to the rescue with your awesome skills. You are wonderful. Thank you, Beth Berry, for being ready when I wasn’t and for being YOU. Thank you, Trish Maunder, for everything you do. You are brilliant. Thank you, Andy Maunder, for being the husband I don’t have. You are a great guy. Thank you, Chris O’Brien, for watching Champ this week. It’s a great Christmas present. Thank you, George and Cara Herold, for being Champ’s champions. “Sure” is an awesome answer to the question: Can you help us?

Thank you, friends, for your words of encouragement and support. It means alot.

And NOW…the first pics: Just to make you jealous, this is what I sunk into

when I got here:  Image

Yeah, this place is niiiiiice. After the bath, we went downstairs to McGill’s for our prepaid dinner and I had my first, yes first, real pint in an Irish pub…


Yeah, I’m beat, as you can see, but happy. And now to bed…good night 😉



15 thoughts on “This Broad IS Abroad at last!

  1. Love it!! Love the Irish pint especially!! Have you been to Costa yet? I heard the weather was good, so pleased! Got home in 2 hours when it took us 3 to get to JFK. Your tidings are well received, but it was a pleasure. Have a hoot!

    • Hey Boo — not anywhere else yet, exhausted from the trip (no sleep on the plane) so we were just in our hotel last nite. going out today and it’s sunny (for now anyway) to bring “Dad” out to O’Brien’s Tower for the one year anniversary. I had a dream last nite that he called here, knew what we were up to, said he could only stay in one place–it was his voice, so weird but cool. Will blog later…have a lovely American Sunday expat!

  2. So so happy and excited for you.. there is nothing quite like taking that leap into a brand new experience in a new land, it is absolutely the best thing ever… love to you… Trish xox

    • Well, only The Ritz Carlton is grand, we haven’t really been anywhere else! The ride from the airport was dismal, I must say, not pretty at all. But we’re headed out today in sun (for as long as it lasts, hahaha) so I’ll post later! Thanks for following the blog!

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