Yep, we’re in the final stretch and I am, quite literally, shaking in my Uggs. I am NOT ready. I have NOT begun to pack. I am NOT going to be able to sublet the house (and make some easy money) b/c I have NOT gotten the house in order.

This whole going-right-after-Christmas seems like the idea of a mad woman, and so it was. BUT it is also the time we had to go, so we will be in Ireland to mark the anniversary of my beloved Dad’s death. It has been quite a year, quite a year, for almost everyone it seems; no one sounds upset to let 2012 go and some were even a bit disappointed that the world didn’t end yesterday.

I kinda get that.

Even so, it’s been fun to get together with friends as they wish me bon voyage. And no matter how AWFUL things are at home (the place isn’t just not ready, it’s not fit for human habitation. Someone, I’m not saying who, has been a naughty little housekeeper…Santa oughta bring me The Cat in the Hat for Christmas! He could go through with that lovely huge vacuum of his and clean the whole place up in one afternoon, mother’s dress be damned. Bring the Two Things as well, we can use all the help we can get!)

But the dog has been settled, thank the universe and the gods and my ex-husband’s family who’ve stepped up! Even my brother agreed to watch him the week my son is in Ireland with me. I don’t know how to tell them that they have to watch Sir Fartsalot EVERY second of the day or he will eat the cheese they might have accidentally left out and then poop all over the basement (theoretically, of course, lol).


He looks innocent, but he’s not. Trust me. See the crazy look in his eyes?

Anyway, as I sit in my local Barnes and Noble using their wifi because VERIZON has screwed everything up at home and I haven’t had internet for 19 days, I shudder to think of all the things I have to do in the coming days, like buy luggage; pack up everything personal so that people who are looking at the house don’t touch my stuff; decide what to do with the mail; get someone to watch my Peace Lilly; decide about the car–for which I saw a Living Social deal for three months at a local storage facility for only $50! and more…

Just thinking about it makes me want to cancel the trip and just stay home. BUT:

Image So I’m going, ready or not, in six days. Oh yeah, with Christmas in between. So you see my problem, right? I will never be ready. But maybe that’s the lesson here: Perhaps I am meant to go no matter what. Perhaps the reason I cannot get my act together is because…drum roll please...I cannot get my act together! Not here, anyway. Not anymore. And I am sitting here hoping to the heavens that I get it together over there, because otherwise I’m in big trouble.




4 thoughts on “OMG>What Am I DOING?

  1. Patti, you should have asked for help cleanning the house. Look don’t worry, just go on the trip and have the best time. Life is short and you have to take the good times when you can. Keep in touch. Do you have my e-mail info? If not we’ll keep in touch with your blog.

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